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Welcome! All members of communities should be involved, informed and have the opportunity to participate in issues important to them. With more african americans and other minorities gaining access to the world wide web, It's critical for messages about our community's environmental and development policies reach the people they most effect.

On this website, you will find comprehensive resources, collected from communities and researchers around the country, local level community development and environmental issues. Innovation Planning Now advocates modern research and implementation of best practices in community development, land use/environmental planning and policy.
I invite you to take advantage of this network, to contribute your own resources and ideas, and to learn from one another.

George Jackson

Bachelor of Science, Land Use Planning from Northern Michigan University. Five years experice in environmental conservation, land Use and community development planning. Most recent writing/publications topics include:

  Maryland Smart Growth

  Wind PowerDebate

  Environmentalism For All

  Urban Sprawl in Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  Community Participation in Brownfield Redevelopment

   Also Check Out The BICEP Bulletin at or 




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