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Tech-Happy Tools

Tech Happy Teaching Tools

Below you will find many resources that are available to assist you in developing a classroom that fosters 21st Century Learning while engaging students in unique, interactive, forward thinking, student centered experiences.
  • Remind  Remind is a free internet based service that lets educators including, but not limited to, teachers, administrators, coaches, advisers,  send one-way messages via SMS, push notifications or email to everyone involved with the class, group, staff, team to which they need to communicate. Remind keeps  phone numbers private, while making it a lot easier to stay in touch.  This is a great resource for teachers to make quick and immediate contact with their students and for administrators to maintain communication with staff regarding changes to schedule, meetings, etc.

  • Nearpod Nearpod is a free interactive learning experience that is web-based. Teachers (or students) can create presentations that incorporate text, images, videos, sound, interactive activities, etc and share those presentations with others through a unique sharing code. Once the audience joins the presentation, the owner has the ability to control the viewing process taking the viewers through the presentation at a customized and consistent pace.

  • Tellagami  Tellagami is a free interactive app that allows students to create a customized avatar, record or type text, and share via text, email, or Twitter.  It is a creative solution to oral presentations.

  • Glogster  Glogster allows students to mix text, audio, video, images, graphics and more from their files,  pre-designed graphics, or around the web to create an interactive and captivating digital poster presentation.

  • Facetalker  Facetalker is a unique app that allows students to take an image of any person, animal, monument, etc and sync their recorded voice to the image thereby making it talk.  This is a creative presentation tool for students.

  • Popplet  Popplet is a digital tool that helps students organize information visually and allows them to see connections between ideas and concepts.  It is a great pre-writing tool as well as visual presentation tool.

  • Timetoast  Timetoast is a digital timeline tool that allows students to collaboratively design timelines for any topic and import corresponding images from the website.

  • Educreations Educreations allows teachers to record screenshots from their device infused with docs, images, maps, websites, and more from their computer, and record their voice to create a tutorial video on any topic.  The biggest benefit to Educreations is the ability for the students to view these recaps at home with their parents to assist with homework and review.

  • ShowMe  ShowMe allows students to create simple tutorial videos using images, sound, voice over, and drawings to explain topics and review learning.

  • ePals  ePals is a host website for teachers to connect with other educators around the world.  It can be used for teacher to teacher contact and/or student collaboration.

  • Schoology  Schoology is a "digital ecosystem" for learning.  It enables teachers to collaborate with students, manage assignments, distribute resources, and bring twenty-first century skills to the learning environment.

  • Infographics  This collection of infographics, put out by Huffington Post, it a valuable tool for teaching students to decipher visual data.  The infographics provided through this site cover a vast array of topics and reading levels.

  • Discovery Education  Discovery Education (formerly known as United Streaming) is a tremendous database of videos, both full length and segments, as well as still images and audio clips covering topics in all of the content areas.  All of the videos are categorized by grade-level appropriateness and most offer teacher tools to assist with integration into the classroom.

  • BrainPop  BrainPop is a website hosting short tutorial videos on a variety of topics in most content areas.  Each video comes with related vocabulary, comprehension quizzes, and extension activities.