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Researching Innovage Because You Are Responding to an Employment Ad? You Don't Want This 100% Commission Job, It Is a Pyramid Scheme That Very Few People Succeed At.  Read The Summary Below, Then Visit the Sites We Link to Below About Innovage. Scroll Below to Read Our Tips on How You Can Make Money Online Right Now Without Dealing With Scammers!
Before you sign up for Innovage, you should know a few things about the company, also known as DS-MAX, SmartCircle, or Granton Marketing.
They go by other names and have job postings up all over the country.  They also go by  Cydcor, Smart Circle, DS Max, and Innovage. 

What You Need to Know About Innovage
The job market is tough so job seekers shouldn't be wasting their time figuring out that Innovage is a scam. If you come across one of these companies they are door to door sales companies. Innovage's hiring practices are fairly deceptive and they will not be up front with you about your duties or your compensation. Compensation is 100% commission. Innovage will promote the idea of an opportunity to become a manager and make insane amounts of money which is all hype, only maybe 1 out of 400 that accepts employment from them might make it to a management position, and out of those that do make it, only about 5% will actually make a profitable income. This is not because most people suck, this is because in a pyramid scheme very few people will do well because the system is set up so nearly everyone must fail. There are a handful of people that do make good money so don't get me wrong and it thinks it's absolutely impossible, but these people are few and far between. Your average sales rep will bring in about 350 a week when they promote that most make 800 which is a fib. Your daily business expenses will not be reimbursed.
Innovage Links
A good place to start is on RipOffReport. Also check out Scam.com's Innovage Page