Inno ^ QMOT


  • What is 'Inno ^ QMOT'?
    • "Innovation can be boosted by quantitative management of technology"
    • "Find not 'plus' solution, but 'square' solution"
  • Conceptual framework
    • Ideas to innovation driven by 'QMOT solutions'

 Ongoing research (selected)

  • Strategic corporate foresight to pinpoint innovative technologies and businesses at inflection points
  • Triple-layer scenario method & patent map
  • Business model/ecosystem mapping & future forecasting (with Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Mid-and long-term technolgoy valuation & portfolio construction (with Blackrock HK/Samsung Asset Management)
  • Strategic alignment diagnosis & improvement tool development  
  • Design of shhort-term foresight processes and tools for new product concept development (with Samsung Electronics)
  • Interactive visualization of technolgy and business data (with Soongsil Univ.)
 Internship opportunity (recent project)
  • Problem-solving visualization intern
    • Contract length: three to six months (20 to 30 hours per week, depending on your skill set)
    • Required skill: coding (one of JAVA, d3 and Python) or data collection/analysis (one of R,SAS and SPSS )
    • Salary: 30 to 50 (10 thousand Korean won), depending on your skill set.
    • Application: send an e-mail with your resume to
  • Patent anaysis intern
    • Contract length: six months (20 hours per week)
    • Required skill: none
    • Salary: 30 (10 thousand Korean won)
    • Application: send an e-mail with your resume to