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Second Annual Innishannon Championship held on 14th October 2012

Second Annual Innishannon Championship 14.10.2012

The 2012 Competition Season got off to a fantastic start with the Second Annual Innishannon Championship held on Sunday 14th October in the Innishannon Parish Hall.

Mr Steven Nyhan (4th Degree black belt) was the chief organizer on the day and was delighted with the large number of competitors from all clubs across Cork (Bandon, Innishannon, Macroom, Crosshaven, Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Ballintemple, Shandon Street, Bishopstown, Frankfield, Middleton, Blackrock and Newcestown) and Galway (NUI Galway) who turned out to support the Innishannon Championships. It was great to see so many travelling from far and wide to take part.
Our little Ninja competitors began arriving in big numbers from 9.30 am onwards eager to get their hands on some coveted Innishannon trophies. All of our Ninjas showed off their skills in a combination of Kicking , punching and multiple attacks which demonstrate their balance, strength and coordination. 
We had some returning competitors which was fantastic to see. Even more encouraging was the number of new Ninjas joining the Taekwondo ranks. We look forward to seeing them all competing for many years to come. 
Following the Ninjas section our Junior competitors took to the floor beginning with ages 7-8 boys and girls in the Sparring and patterns sections. With so many clubs involved the standard was extremely high and all competitors showed their determination to win gold for their club. One of the largest sections on the day was the 7-8 year old boys so the competition for trophies was a hard fought battle with some great displays which were enjoyed by competitors and spectators. All junior competitors received a medal for taking part in the competition and those who received top marks in their section received a trophy on the day. Despite the fierce competition all competitors seemed to enjoy the day and left with a smile.
Towards the higher end of the Juniors we had some amazing sparring displays from the teenagers in both the boys and girls sections. I look forward to seeing these junior competitors on our senior circuit over the next few years. Look out Mr Manning!
The junior competition was followed by the Senior colour belt and black belt sections. All competitors showed great grit and determination in their sparring with some tough fights across all weight categories. 
We had a few female competitors taking to the floor in their first competition and they did their clubs very proud on the day with their “never give up” attitudes. Well done ladies!
We had a big contingent down from NUI Galway for the day and they were determined to take home some coveted trophies. With so many of the NUI students training for the European championships in Poland it was clear that they were going to make their mark on the day and they didn’t disappoint.
A big thank you to all instructors and examiners for their assistance in making this years Innishannon Championships another great success. In particular I would like to thank all the Instructors for doing a great job in refereeing and umpiring throughout the day, It was also great to have one of our TKDI Masters at the Innishannon Championship Master Dermot Walsh, also in attendance was TKDI Chairman Mr Micheal Burke, we had world champions, examiners and our national coach the list goes on, It was a great pleasure to see such highly regarded people in Innishannon. I would like to thank you all for the great efforts you put in and making the competition as successful as it was. We look forward to repaying the favour at the rest of the TKDI competitions as the Tae Kwon-Do progresses. With a busy year ahead for TKDI and a full calendar of events we look forward to seeing everyone taking part in upcoming events.

The Second Annual Innishannon Championship was a tremendous success again this year. Clubs turned up in their droves to compete for the coveted Innishannon trophies.  


Mr Paul Manning fourth Degree BlackBelt and Instructor at Blackrock Tae Kwon Do added to his long list of victories by winning Gold in this year’s ITF World Championships in Canada. On Behalf of all at Innishannon TKD we would like to congratulate Mr Manning on becoming World Champion.





Congratulations to Mr Danny Collins 1st degree BlackBelt and Mr Ryan O’Connell 1st Degree BlackBelt, through hard work and dedication to Tae Kwon-Do they wrote their names into the history books by becoming the first students to Achieve their BlackBelt at Innishannon Tae Kwon-Do and under the guidance of Mr Steven Nyhan IV Degree Blackbelt.


On behalf of Innishannon Tae Kwon Do I would like to congratulate our Instructor Mr Steven Nyan on been awarded Cork indoor Sports Person of the Year 2012. This is a well earned award and reflects Mr Nyhans time and commitment to his club and also to his students.

He was presented with this award at the Cork Indoor Sports Awards in the Gresham Metropole Hotel in Cork City on Friday 27th April.


Congratulation to Danny and Ryan in passing their Black Belt Prelims.  You can see them in action in the above photos.

Ryan and Danny will be the first students from Inninshannon TKD to reach black belt level. We wish them both all the best in the BlackBelt Prelim on Friday and on to the BlackBelt Grading on the 19th May.

11.03.12 Congratulations to all Innishannon Students who took part in the Blackrock Open Championship. Out of the 20 students that took part they brought home 30 Medals.




05.02.12 Congratulations to all Innishannon Students who took part in the Ballincollig tournament. 11 Innishannon students took part and they brought home 17 trophies.









Blackrock Championships 2011


TaeKwon-Do Ireland showed up in force to the 4th Annual Blackrock Championships in Cork this February, a tournament that continues to grow and grow every year. TaeKwon-Do Ireland clubs from Bandon, Innishannon, Macroom, Crosshaven, Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Ballintemple, NUI Galway, Shandon Street, Bishopstown, Frankfield, Midleton and of course from Blackrock itself, all arrived ready for action and hoping to take the gold. And with many competitors from clubs all over the country, TaeKwon-Do Ireland was in for a fight!

The TKDI association of clubs stood up to the challenge in the end, taking gold in an amazing 37 of the 76 categories that ran throughout the day, including an incredible 16 gold medal place victories in the 20 adult sections. The Blackrock TaeKwon-Do club itself took the most out of any one club, fighting in their home ground the students won twelve gold place medals, next was Midleton taking eight section victories and Innishannon close behind taking five medals and the Grand Champion Prize.

The TKDI Innishannon club made their mark most felt in the adult blackbelt section where the two instructors, Mr. Steven Nyhan and his sister Ms. Jessica Nyhan, both won gold in the traditional forms category. Jessica then went on to win the light weight female sparring as well as the female grand champion section!

The TKDI Blackrock club then stepped up to win both the heavy weight and light weight adult male sparring sections, with Mr. David O’ Mahony, the lightest fighter by far in the section, out classing all his opponents with blinding speed and ability. The heavy weight section was then won by Daniel O’ Sullivan, a red belt who hopes to test for his blackbelt later in the year. This is the second blackbelt category the red belt has entered and won in the last two months, and he is still fresh from a world medal win as a blue belt, when he won gold in the TAGB World Opens in August of last year. Both his instructors and tournament directors of the day, Mr. Paul Manning and Mr. James Dwyer were very proud to see their students win out in the home tournament.

It was almost an all TaeKwon-Do Ireland sweep for the senior blackbelt sections as Crosshaven’s Mr. Gareth Flemming won the veteran category, and Crosshaven’s Ms. Abigail Lane was narrowly beaten in the female heavy weight sparring by an outstanding fighter from the UCC Iutf, Ms. Connie Vaughan.

The long and successful day at the Blackrock Championships ended even better again for TaeKwon-Do Ireland as the Male Grand Champion division took place. Innishannon’s Jessica Nyhan had already won the ladies category and the competition ended with the men’s section. The Grand Champion is a quick fire competition of all grades and all weights, all competing for the coveted title of Blackrock Grand Champion. The title had been won the last three years running by one of the Blackrock Instructors Mr. James Dwyer, who is also the current ITF Middle Weight Sparring World Champion, having won gold for TaeKwon-Do Ireland and for his country last June in Korea. But this year the reigning champ was knocked off his throne, by none other than his very own student, Daniel O’ Sullivan!

The two met in the final and Daniel continued his winning ways with a one point victory and a deafening roar of celebration from everyone there. Mr. Dwyer was happy to lose to such a great up and coming fighter, and he looks forward to training Daniel towards the ITF European Championships held later this year in Cork. An event where TaeKwon-Do Ireland once more hopes to do their clubs, and their country, very proud.

By Mr James Dwyer


 Scion Tkd Tournament, Little Island   (6/2/11)

This competition run by Mr. Liam Corkery in the new venue of Little Island, had been previously run in Kinsale the past number of years and had always been a successful tournament for TaeKwon-Do Ireland fighters. This year was no exception.

TaeKwon-Do Ireland was represented by the Blackrock, Midleton, Innishannon, Bandon and Carrigaline clubs, and fielded 20 competitors who brought back between them 23 trophies in total, including 8 first place positions.

Midleton took 4 of those golds winning the under 7’s patterns and sparring, as well as the adult male white-yellow, and green-blue categories in sparring. Special mention should go to David who also took gold in the under 7’s category in Carrigaline earlier in the season and also won gold in the IUTF National Championships in Neptune Stadium back in November.

Innishannon then claimed one of the hardest golds to win in competition, the senior male Blackbelt Patterns section, where Mr. Steven Nyhan outclassed all others showing fantastic power and technique.

Blackrock stepped up then to claim the remaining 3 gold place positions in the under 13’s white-yellow, the adult ladies white-blue belt section and the senior male Blackbelt Sparring. Special mention should first go to Marie, a white belt, who won out against green and blue belts mixed into her division. And the final special mention must go to Daniel O Sullivan, a red belt, fighting for the first time in the senior blackbelt division and winning gold.

TaeKwon-Do Ireland’s light weight fighters, Mr. Manning, Mr. Nyhan and Mr. O’ Donovan, were asked if they wished to enter the middle weight section. The three fighters well used to fighting each other volunteered for the heavier section to gain greater experience and test their abilities.

This had also happened in the 2010 Connaught opens, and in that instance it was TaeKwon-Do Ireland’s two light weights, Mr. Manning and Mr. Nyhan that defeated all the middle weight fighters and ended up in the final together.

In this instance it was not to be the case but it did provide highly skilled displays of entertaining combat for all spectators. In the very first round of the section, three time world medal winner and current Munster, Leinster, Connaught and National light weight Champion Mr. Paul Manning, fought an exceptional middle weight fighter to a draw, but was narrowly beaten in the extra time.

Mr. Nyhan who ended up taking bronze in this section made light work of his first middle weight opponent, before coming against Mr. Manning’s own student Daniel O Sullivan in the next round. His other instructor Mr. James Dwyer, who is the current ITF Middle Weight World Champion, was officiating in the centre of the ring. Daniel, still a red belt and hoping to test for his black later in the year, had previously taken gold as a blue belt in the TAGB World Opens and put up a great fight, winning through. Mr. O’ Donovan then came against the same middle weight fighter from England that had beaten Mr. Manning, and was unable to overcome the difference in their weights, despite great displays of speed and skill.

So that lead to a final showdown between Mr. Mansori, the middle weight blackbelt from England and TaeKwon-Do  Ireland’s up and coming red belt Daniel O Sullivan. The blackrock fighter once again showed his class and determination as he outfought the more experienced blackbelt and took home the gold for TaeKwon-Do Ireland.

With TKDI coach Mr. Gerard Allen at his side, Daniel celebrated his win, to add to another great tournament for TaeKwon-Do Ireland. All competitors are now looking ahead to the next big competition at the end of the month, which will be Daniel’s home tournament, The Blackrock Championships, February 27th.

By Mr James Dwyer

Tae Kwon Do Ireland wins 13 medals and a special Golden four award from just 9 competitors at the Munster Championships

On Sunday the 30th of January the year kicked off with one of the biggest National competitions of the 2011 which is the Munster Championships, the venue for this years event was the Oak park sports complex Tralee. There was nine top Tae Kwon Do Ireland competitors taking part in this event, these competitors have been taking part in heavy squad training for this competition since early December and have been well coached by Mr Gerard Allen (5th Degree Black Belt).The Morning Began with the Black Belt sections and the first TKDI member to be called was Ms Jessica Nyhan (Innishannon Tae Kwon-Do), Jessica competed with one of her best performances ever to be seen by her coach and comfortably winning gold in the women’s light weight final, after  been crowned Munster Champion in this Division she went on to also win silver in patterns. Next up was Jessica’s brother Steven who won Bronze in patterns and was unlucky in sparring. Nevertheless success was growing rapidly as Mr David O Mahony took home bronze in the light weight section and also Mr Paul Manning (Blackrock TKD) who was current Munster champion going into this event had some tough competition to defeat but Paul showed his skill and experience while once again being crowned Munster Champion in this division. The next TKDI competitors up were all colour belts and from Blackrock TKD, They each did their club proud with great performances over all with; Gavin Burke being crowned Munster Champion(Adults middle weight white/yellow section), Maria Coleman who won silver in sparring(adults female heavy weight white/yellow section), Emila Palenos winning silver in sparring and bronze in patterns(adults light weight white/yellow section), Courtney Casey winning silver in both patterns and sparring( 13-14yrs green-red section) and Ciara Mullaine who won silver in patterns and was crowned Munster Champion in sparring in the 13-14yrs white-green section. Over all TKDI brought home a remarkable 13 medals and 4 Munster champion titles from this year’s Munster Championships, but the best was yet to come. At the end of the competition a special award called the “Golden four award” was presented to Mr Paul Manning. To be awarded the Golden four award you must win the Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Irish International Championships all in one year, and in 2010 Paul in tremendous form won gold in each of these competitions he was also the only Black Belt to achieve the award this year. Here are some of Pauls main highlights of 2010; Munster Champion 2010, Leinster Champion 2010, Connacht Champion 2010, Irish International Champion 2010, British International Champion 2010, Silver medallist at the Spanish Internationals, Silver Medallist at the TAGB World Championships and Bronze medallist at the ITF World Championships. (www.tkdi.ie) ALL AT TKDI WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE PAUL ON A WONDERFUL YEAR. WELL DONE!!!

Fantastic Competition in Ballincollig

The competition season kicked off in style on Sunday 23rd January in Ballincollig where the Tae Kwon Do Ireland Ballincollig Club hosted their annual Little Ninjas Fun day and Junior competition, followed by the January round of the adults team league.

Mrs Catherine o Boyle (4th degree black belt) was chief organizer on the day and was delighted with the large number of participants. To start the day, groups of little ninjas performed kicks punches stances etc. that stunned spectators with their agility and great understanding of Tae Kwon Do at such an early age. The future is bright indeed for Tae Kwon Do in Ireland.

  Next we had various different age groups from 6-12 year old boys and girls that took part in the Sparring and Patterns sections in the junior competition. With clubs from all over Cork City and County present the standard was very high. Although the competition was fierce the mood was very relaxed and everyone enjoyed themselves. All the participants in the junior competition went home with a medal and the top performers in each section received trophies for their efforts. All the clubs that competed did very well and everyone went home happy. Overall it was a great success for Tae Kwon Do Ireland with over 200 competitors taking part. During the day a raffle was held with a beautiful body care hamper up for grabs sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, this was won by Oran  O Mahony of Ballincollig TKD, the raffle raised 185euro.The  money raised through the raffle will go towards the TKDI International team. Mrs Catherine O Boyle said “she would like to thank all who helped out on the day for making it so successful and enjoyable and also thanks to all who took part”. Many parents expressed their surprise and delight at witnessing their children’s talents being showcased. This day was an extra special day for Steven Collins and Innishannon Tae Kwon Do when Steven made his debut and brought home second place in patterns, lost in sparring by just a single point to the competitor who reached the final. Well done Steven

The junior event was followed by the senior men and women’s team league. A large number of spectators remained in the venue where they witnessed some great displays from the cream of TKDI senior teams. With current ITF world champion Mr James Dwyer (4th degree black belt) being held to a draw in sparring by Mr Garrett Fleming (1st degree) the scene was set for an afternoon of enthralling action. The participants in the senior league compete for the glory and honor of their local club so maximum commitment is guaranteed. Well done to the Midleton ladies team and the Blackrock male team who won this round of the league. The full results and league table can be viewed on the Tae Kwon Do Ireland website @ www.tkdi.ie. We look forward to the next round of the league which will be held in Blackrock on Sunday 27th Feb after the well-recognized Blackrock Championships.

The 2011 season has started with a flourish, and with a busy year ahead TKDI would like to build on the success of last year and continue to grow and produce future World Champions. The calendar of events for the year ahead is available on the TKDI website. Well done to all who took part in this competition!! Keep on kicking


Tae Kwon-Do Ireland Celebrate the Festive Season with Two Very Enjoyable Parties


                                                                                                          Winner of the TKDI Xmas raffle

TKDI held two Christmas parties on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th of December. On Friday 10th the TKDI Junior Xmas party was held in Chukies Indoor Playground in Cork. Over 200 children attended this party which lasted 2 hours. The evening began at 6pm when children began to play on swings, slides, play areas etc…as the party was on its way TKDI and Chukie officials patrolled the grounds to ensure all children were enjoying themselves and that the evening would pass without harm or injury. Just as all the children were fading from tiredness and enjoyment, TKDI officials called for all members to line around the outside of a playground cage, inside was world champion Mr James Dwyer. Mr Dwyer performed a Tae Kwon-Do demonstration with Mr O’ Sullivan and Mr Nyhan. Everybody watched in amazement as these three performed tasks such as Mr Dwyer jumping over five people breaking one inch of timber in mid-air. When the demonstration finished, there was a presentation made to Mrs Catherine O’ Boyle welcoming her on to the examiners panel. The evening finished with a raffle of a beautiful hamper, the raffle was in aid of the TKDI International Team, which helps fund them on trips abroad to competitions etc. The winner of this raffle was Fiona Desmond (Frankfield) and the hamper was presented by TKDI Chairman Mr Michael Burke, at this point parents arrived to collect their children, as they left each child was presented with a selection box to top off a great evening.

The adults Xmas party was held in Costigans bar in Washington St. in Cork, adults from various TKDI clubs attended this party. The party included a mulled wine reception, drinks and lots of finger food which was enjoyed by everyone. Over all the night was a great success with people from all clubs mixing and enjoying themselves. Thanks to all who supported our raffles over both nights, we raised two hundred euros for the TKDI team.

Wishing you and your families a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from all at Tae Kwon-Do Ireland!

Carrigaline Tae Kwon Do competition a great success


On Saturday 27th November Tae Kwon Do Ireland held a junior competition which was hosted by the association chairman 6th Degree black belt Mr Michael Burke in his home club in the Carrigaline Community Complex.  The day commenced with a Little Ninjas event for children under 7yrs. This involved a series of safe, fun and competitive games. Over one hundred and fifty children took part in the competition.  The large number of children from T.K.D.I. clubs around the city that took part suggests a promising future for the sport in Cork.  The Little Ninjas section was followed by a Taekwondo event for competitors ranging from 7yrs to 13yrs. This involved both sparring and patterns sections. With over Twelve T.K.D.I. clubs taking part, each one was well represented with lots of active competitors .Mr Burke said “The standard was very high this year. I expect that we will see many of these young fighters on our senior circuit in a few years .I would like to thank the Instructors and parents for making this such a fun day”  It was also great to see the amount of seniors from the group who turned up to help the competition run smoothly and efficiently. The technical proficiency and enthusiasm of the young competitors is a great reflection on their clubs and shows how the association is going from strength to strength.

The kid’s competition was followed by the adult team league. The league which is held monthly in various locations around Cork comprises of point sparring and patterns. It is a great way for adults to gain competitive experience while offering T.K.D.I.’s world class fighters an opportunity to put on a show for the spectators. This round was well attended with teams from all over Ireland, a league table can be seen on the TKDI website along with our recent news and success’s @ www.tkdi.ie.

By Dave O Sullivan


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