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About Us

At Innishannon Tae Kwon-Do we are fully committed to provide you with the best training possible and therefore we provide regular assessments and competition opportunities in order for our students to reach their maximum potential. We strive for excellence in the martial art of Tae Kwon-Do. Chief instructor Mr. Steven Nyhan 4th degree black belt frequently attends seminars and training courses to further develop his awareness and instructing skills. Some of the most recent courses include:

Seminar under the instruction of 9th Degree Grand Master Karel Van Orsouw and his assistant 5th Degree Mr Marcella.
9th Degree Grand Master Karel Van Orsouw  and 4th Degree Mr Steven Nyhan.                     
Mr Marcella(5th Degree)  
 6th Degree Black belt Mr. Burke and Mr Steven Nyhan
after Grand Master Van Orsouw's Grand Master Van Orsouw's seminar.

Mr. Nyhan meets Mr. Brady  

Inaugural Course - General Choi Hong Hi and his art. (location - Korea)

Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa (son of General Choi Hong Hi) observed the running of this entire weekend course. He also went through the technical section of the course after Master Rudolf Kang's(Russia) class of generating acceleration and power!

Master Maidana from Argentina who performed the self defence section of this course.

Master Dalton from Ireland who performed a master sparring class as part of this course.

Master Mulleta from Australia who performed an instructers training course.

Master Galaraga from Argentina who performed the self defence section of this course.

Dr. Zibby Crooke who performed the kicking and sticks section of this course.

Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa and Mr. Steven Nyhan at the presentation night of the inaugural course.

  • Code of ethics good practice for children's sports.
  • TKDI Referee's and Instructors course/First aid course.
  • At Innishannon Tae Kwon Do we also like to raise money for charity for example on the 30/5/09 we raised over 1,544 euro for Cancer Aid Treatment.
  • And Much More!!!

This knowledge brings Innishannon Tae Kwon-Do students most recent expertise in Tae Kwon-Do.