Awareness * Growth * Recovery * Empowerment

Inner Spirit Martial  Arts Therapy  is a method of self discovery.           Participants are guided through a series of mind/body exercises based on the concepts of Martial Arts training. Please note that it is not a traditional karate class and combat techniques may be omitted altogether  based on the client’s needs.

Creating balance, developing focus, impulse control, exploring resistance, and goal attainment are examples of  Concepts learned in the Martial Arts. Participants will embody these concepts through a series of individual, partner, or group exercises. Ample time is allowed for feedback, questions and processing. Individuals will be welcome to address any personal concerns if need be.  The objective of participation is to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of self.

Seminars, Presentations, Groups and Sessions are Custom Designed to fit each participants needs, age, and abilities.

This program is especially suitable Martial Artist who want more out of their training.

The program has been developed and designed for those with NO PRIOR Martial Arts training who may be diagnosed and/or coping with:

  ADHD          Autism and/or PDD           Anxiety          Trauma         PTSD           Depression         Impulse Control         

     "High Risk"  Behaviors        Anger        Low Self  Esteem       Substance Abuse       Eating Disorders       Grief                    

Interpersonal Conflict       Delinquency       Social Difficulty      Physical Disabilities       Illness        Goal Attainment

This program is NOT suitable for those who are actively abusing substances, anyone with severe mental illness who have not been treated and stabilized for less than three months, children under the age of Six and those who have   severe cognitive deficits.

 For more information:  or  phone  (262) 342-2128