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The  world’s first blind Sarod player maestro Afzalur Rahman was the founder of INNER EYES MUSIC INSTITUTION FOR BLIND. He built that institution at his home in 1990. In 26th dec 2009 maestro died after that his widow wife Anwara Rahman and their 2 blind daughters Mohua Rahman Ruba and Antara Rahman Tungtang continuing this institution. INNER EYES HOSTEL FOR BLIND GIRLS is A new branch of INNER EYES MUSIC INSTITUTION FOR BLIND. Anwara Rahman is the Chairman of both institution. In both institution admission and braille education, music, mobility,. computer, cooking, spoken English, handy craft, acting courses given at free of cost.

Inner Eyes Hostel for Blind Girls


We envision a society where:
•    Blind girls and sighted girls are given equal educational opportunities and are equally permitted to achieve their      full academic potential
•    Blind girls are given the opportunity to be contributing members of society
•    Blind girls and women are treated with honour and respect
•    All people are regarded equally, regardless of sightedness or physical handicap


We are committed to:
•    Providing the basic educational curriculum to assist students to pass the PSC, JSC or SSC exams
•    Assisting our blind students to achieve self sufficiency in daily living, such as eating, washing, dressing,                 housekeeping, stitching and simple cooking
•    Exposing our students to Bangladeshi cultural arts such as playing musical instruments, singing, drama, and         poetry
•    Promoting healthy lifestyle with good eating habits and physical activity
•    Training our students to become socially correct in their manner of communicating and relating to others
•    Training our students to perform jobs, tasks or handicrafts to sustain themselves
•    Exposing out students to computers for professional purposes
•    Educating the general pubic to accept and respect blind girls and women for their value and contribution
•    Enabling blind girls and women to achieve a lifelong love of learning
•    E-mail: innereyeshostelforblindgirls@gmail.com

Inner eyes music institution for blind & Inner eyes hostel for blind girls
Holding No 342
West Medda