You should know the following about email:                                      

  • Parts of an email--to, from, subject line, message area, attachments
  • How to open or close an email
  • How to create an email (New, Compose)
  • How to Send an email
  • How to Reply and Reply To All in an email
  • How to Forward an email and netiquette concerning forwards
  • How to attach a file to an email
  • How to save an attachment to the desktop or another folder
  • Define a folder--why would you create one?
  • All about folders:   Sent, Draft, Inbox, Spam or Junk, Trash
  • How to create a folder
  • How to move emails to a folder
  • Define a contact list--why do you need contacts?
  • How to create contacts and groups of contacts
  • Editing information in your contact list
  • Adding a contact to your contacts list from an email
  • Preferences in email
  • Marking an email as high priority, low priority
  • Flagging an email
  • Adding an automatic signature to an email
  • Type of text supported by all email (plain text)
  • What is encryption and what does it have to do with email?