Computer Hardware--Miscellaneous

Computer Hardware: The Icky Left Over Details

Five Categories of Computers:

  1. Super Computers:  Very smart/expensive found at Universities and Science Centers used to perform complex calculations like weather patterns or traffic calculations.
  2. Mainframe Computers:  Find these for large businesses/corporations across a country.
  3. Mini computer/Servers:  Small businesses or people needing to share resources (a network).  They allow for shared hardware, remote storage, and deployed software.
  4. Microcomputer:  Personal Computers/Laptops that every day people own.
  5. Everything Else: Cell phones, Xbox, PDA, Ebook Reads, Iphones, Ipods,


 What defines the “useful lifetime” of a computer?   Determined by how long a computer is able to run the programs you need it to.


Proper care of computers:

Clean external components (mouse, keyboard, and monitor)

Blow out the inside of your desktop gently with air


Things you can replace on a computer: Printers, keyboards, mice, speakers, microphones, anything on the outside. 

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER personally replace any electronic devices on the inside of your computer.  Have a specially trained person do it for you, like BestBuy.


What is a warranty?  It’s legally binding contract that guarantees your computer (All the hardware/software) will work as you originally purchased it.


 Random Information

Bluetooth (Infrared): type of technology that allows for you to communicate information wirelessly.

USB Ports/Devices – The most common type of device/plug-in used to connect hardware.


Trouble-Shooting Problems on a Computer

1.Replicate/identify the error

2. Gather information about the problem

3. Attempt basic solutions

4. Seek local help (internet, friends, computer administrator)

5.Confirm problem is fixed

6. Document how you fixed the problem and take steps to prevent it in the future



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Dec 7, 2010, 8:16 PM