edZONE Student Guide

Hello students, parents, and visitors,

This site has been created to aide in the management of online resources used by the Jr. High faculty. To the left you will find a navigation bar.  Click on the links to take you to blogs, wikis, school web pages, and other online resources.  The funzone page should only be used when you are taking a break from your studies or when you have completed all your work.

When power points are available on edZONE, teacher blogs, or wikis, please keep in mind that they will not be enough to complete your studying. When studying for assessments, always make sure to read the lessons, complete the work book pages, read the lesson summaries, and answer the review questions located towards the end of the lessons/chapters. The best way to prepare yourselves for class will be to read/review the lessons before coming to class, so that you are prepared to discuss topics relating to the reading assignments and/or to ask questions about topics that you struggled to understand.

Additional Assistance
Teachers will typically remain in the classrooms for the entire recess period and the majority of the lunch period outside of any pre-scheduled yard duty or meeting commitments. All Students have been informed that this time is available for them. Teachers will offer one-on-one assistance, peer assistance, and additional strategies that students can work on in addition to those given during class times. This additional time needs to be requested ahead of time by you so that teachers may plan accordingly. Due to the extra-curricular and academic commitments that each of our teachers have, we all agreed that this option would best benefit students. This option is an excellent opportunity to ask for and receive assistance in any area/subject relating to your classes.

Always make sure to schedule an appointment for extra help when ever you find the lessons challenging. Times of availability are during recess and Lunch.