The next INMS Booster meeting will be on 
Thursday, January 8th at 5:30 PM in the INMS Commons.  
There will be no meeting in December.
Events at INMS!

 No school for Thanksgiving break from 11/24-11/28

Science Fair Information

Click here for Important Dates and Documents for Science Fair!

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    Rubric Grading Scale Shorthand:
    6 - Distinguished (100%)
    5 - Exceeding (90%)
    4 - Proficient (75%)
    3 - Nearly Proficient (60%)
    2 - Developing (50%)
    1 - No evidence (40%)


    Grade Reports:
    These will be passed out and sent home with your student every Monday during 7th period Projects class.

    Pinnacle Shorthand:
    Z = not turned in by student (0%)
    X = excused (no impact on grade)
    T = turned in but not yet graded (no impact on grade)
    R = assignment must be redone (0%)