The Redbud Tree
(Cercis canadensis)

By Abby, Jed, and Amelia. 

    The Redbud tree is a small sturdy tree that has vibrant pink flowers and is native to the U.S. from Canada to Florida.
    The Redbud  is good for home landscaping. It is mostly an ornamental tree. 
      The Redbud tree has two genders: male and female. The males are taller and do not have buds or pods, but they do help pollinate the female Redbud and help them grow their pods.
The Redbud trees are located in front of the the Middle school. They are on either sides of the building. The trees look different when you first see them, but when you get close, you realize that they  have the same features such as the leaves and bark.

    It has a short trunk and wide spreading branches.  It also has smooth bark that is dark brown, gray or black. Older Redbuds have shallow furrows and scaly ridges. 
     Its trunk diameter is usually from 8 to 12 inches wide. The red bud trees mature height is 25 to 40 feet.

    They have skinny branches that zigzag across the tree. They are nearly black with spots of lighter colors. The winter buds are small and rounded and are a red-brown color.

     The flowers on the tree grow on the top of the tree and sometimes on the trunk. They bloom from March to May and are a 1/2 an inch long. They come before the leaves. The flowers attract bees and butterflies.They also turn yellow in the fall. The flowers are bisexual. Bisexual means that there are not male and female flowers there is just one flower that is part male part female.

    The leaves are heart shaped and are a bright green color. The leaves are alternate and are not lobed. They are also long-pointed and are not toothed. They are thin and papery and may be a little bit hairy below.

    For fruit they have flattened, brown pea-like pods. They are 2 to 4 inches long that contain elliptical, brown seeds that are a  1/4 of an inch long. They mature in July through August. There are up to 4 to 10 seeds in a pod.

Scientific Name
    The genus of the Redbud is Cercis, and the species is canadensis. Put together, the scientific name is Cercis canadensis.

Similar Trees
    The Japanese Maple is about the same size and shape as  the Redbud except they look very different. Their name is also similar to the Red Maple and the Red Pine except they are very different trees. The Redbuds name may be mistaken by the trees above but you can always tell the Redbud apart from others because of their vibrant pink colors and heart shaped leaves.

This is a video about the Redbud tree.  

YouTube Video

picture of Redbud seed pod (bottom) picture of Redbud tree (top) 

 This is a picture of some Redbud flowers.




                            Please enjoy this video.


This is a picture of a branch from a Redbud tree when all of 
the leaves are off of it so you can see the pods.