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Feb. 19, 2009 - Police State Begins?
Feb. 19, 2009 - Analysis: Democrats self-destructing over ethics
Feb. 17, 2009 - Obama OKs about 17,000 more troops for Afghanistan - So much for anti-war
Feb. 15, 2009 - Former astronaut speaks out on global warming
Feb. 11, 2009 - Republicans Shut Out of Stimulus Conference Negotiations
Feb. 11, 2009 - FLASHBACK: Obama's 'Change' Campaign Promised To 'End The Practice Of Writing Legislation Behind Closed Doors'...
Feb. 10, 2009 - IS MARRIAGE UNNECESSARY? Article by Chuck Missler
Feb. 10, 2009 - Schultz: 'I have earned that seat'

Cartoon Art from on the Obama Stimulus Plan:

Ah now I see this is the change, Obama is keeping his word.  He is taking America's Trillions and leaving them with CHANGE.



Feb. 10, 2009 - Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan: Betsy McCaughey
Feb. 9, 2009 - Netanyahu Warns Obama on Talks as He Challenges Livni < Will America remain an Ally?
Feb. 6, 2009 - So Much For "Hope over Fear"...Mr. Obama
Feb. 6, 2009 - Ah the benefits of PRO CHOICE
Feb. 5, 2009 - Conservative Groups Declare Stimulus Bill a War on Prayer
Feb. 5, 2009 - Sen. Stabenow wants hearings on radio 'accountability'; talks fairness doctrine
Feb. 5, 2009 - DEA continues pot raids Obama opposes
Feb. 4, 2009 - Glenn Beck - The Obama Socialist Agenda
Feb. 4, 2009 - Glenn Beck on Obama's 'Change': Socialism
Feb. 3, 2009 - EU attacks 'Buy American' clause
Feb. 3, 2009 - Obama's promise of ethics reform faces early test
Feb. 2, 2009 - Call for pope to step down over Holocaust denier
Feb. 2, 2009 - PROMISES, PROMISES: No lobbyists at WH, except ...
Jan. 29, 2009 - Pelosi's defense on Stimulus Bill? <- I would be ashamed to have voted for a Democrat!
Jan. 29, 2009 - Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants <-Nope Can't believe in this kind of change
Jan. 29, 2009 -

Hollow victory: Republicans deliver slap in the face to Barack Obama <- So much for change, the Democrats promising no more "pork" stuffed this bill which will cost our children, our grand-children and our great grand-children's children for the decades to come.  Stupid costs like contraceptives, hundreds of millions of dollars!  Don't talk to me about change!  This is change we CANNOT believe in.  Bravo Republican Senators!  Keep the faith.
Jan. 29, 2009 - My Bipartisan Stimulus
Jan. 25, 2009 - Barack Obama picks a fight with Rush Limbaugh as bipartisan spirit crumbles
Jan. 25, 2009 - PELOSI SAYS BIRTH CONTROL WILL HELP ECONOMY <-I'm sorry but this one is just political nonsense.  Birth Control is not going to stimulate the economy.
Jan. 23, 2009 -
Obama to Lift Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding
Jan. 23, 2009 - So much for being a Uniter and not a Divider <Excerpt from the article "“How can you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives?” House Minority Leader John Boehner asked. “How does that stimulate the economy?”"
Jan. 23, 2009 -
Jan. 22, 2009 - One last chance to save mankind
Jan. 20, 2009 - Bush Booed At Inauguration
Flashback * Shimei Curses David  * Shimei later begs David for his life

 Supporting Scriptures:
2 Peter 2:9-10  "9 then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment, 10 and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries."

Jude 1:7-9 "7 as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar manner to these, having given themselves over to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh, are set forth as an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. 8 Likewise also these dreamers defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of dignitaries. 9 Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”"

Let us as Christians remember to respect Barack Obama and not show the same kind of contempt that the liberals have shown to President Bush over the years.  Let us remember what Paul said to the church at Rome "1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves." --Romans 13:1-2

This is not to say that we cannot disagree or hope he fails if he attempts to change our society into a Socialistic state or wants to open the doors to homosexuality in the Armed Forces.  We can resist when he stand against the will of God, but respect for the position remains.

Jan. 19, 2009 - Thank you, Mr. President
Jan. 18, 2009 - Bashers End Bush Era Deflated by Lack of Prosecutions
Jan. 18, 2009 - Pelosi Open to Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials
Jan. 18, 2009 - President 'has four years to save Earth'
Jan. 16, 2009 - Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails
Jan. 16, 2009 - One World Religion and EcoEvangelism?
Jan. 16, 2009 - Chavez 'part of evil side of politics'
Jan. 15, 2009 - Obama: Syria, Iran must be involved in talks
Jan. 15, 2009 - Obama Climate Czarina Was Member of Socialist Group's Environmental Commission
Jan. 15, 2009 - Obama to End Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy
Jan. 13, 2009 - Democrats seek criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'
Jan. 7, 2009 - Obama era expected to end taboo on gays in US military
Jan. 5, 2009 - Pelosi Erases Gingrich's Long-Standing Fairness Rules

German group is using increase of natural disasters to push new international global climate laws.  This is interesting because according to the bible these natural disasters will increase like a woman with birth pangs, inspite of all their laws.

Dec. 29, 2008 - Natural disasters 'killed over 220,000' in 2008
Dec. 24, 2008 - Iran leader's Christmas message decries bullies
Dec. 24, 2008 - Scientists warn Christmas lights harm the planet
Dec. 18, 2008 - CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory 'Arrogant'
Starting to see a trend on how radical leftists try to take freedom by using issues?  Global warming!!! We've got to do something NOW!!!! Or all life on this planet will cease to exist, let us make new laws!  Yes, that's the answer, restrict Americans through new laws!!! 
Dec. 17, 2008 -
Syria sets its trap for the Obama administration
Dec. 17, 2008 - Bush says he didn't compromise soul to be popular
Dec. 11, 2008 - "The majority in this country will be the minority."
Dec. 2, 2008 - Prop 8: The Musical’: All-Star Hollywood Cast Makes Video Mocking Gay Marriage Opponents
Dec. 2, 2008 - DeMint: Capitol Visitor Center Fails to Honor Faith

Bible Study regarding election with Pastor Jon Courson: God is in Control

With Gays marching in anger due to Proposition 8 in California, other extreme leftists willing to pass a lie as the NY Times in order to pressure the new President Elect to keep his promises?

Nov. 12, 2008 - Fake New York Times Announces 'Iraq War Ends'

Remembering not long ago, how CBS and Dan Rather falsely attacked President Bush, now MSNBC, because of their liberal alliance has been found to continue a lie:

Nov. 12, 2008 - MSNBC Retracts False Palin Story; Others Duped
Nov. 11, 2008 - Hamas Claims Secret Relationship with Obama Aides
Nov. 11, 2008 - Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship
Nov. 10, 2008 - Why Califonia Governor is a Republican in Name Only
Nov. 10, 2008 - Why Bush Succeeded to Remove Al Qaeda Threat Worldwide
Nov. 9, 2008 - Report: Obama Sends Advisor Malley to Cozy Up to Egypt and Syria
Nov. 8, 2008 - Broun says Obama 'Marxist'

Some light already.  I am pleased that though President Obama has picked Rahm Emanuel most probably a liberal when it comes to social issues, an Israeli and staunch supporter of Israel!  That is great news, and a good beginning in my mind.

Nov. 05, 2008 - With Emanuel, Obama Could Be Sending Signal to Israel

History has been made, for so many it was about a black man becoming President of the U.S.  For many Christians in the South they were called racists because the black vote thought a vote against Obama was racist.  The reality is, a vote against Obama was a vote against a pro-Abortion, pro-Homosexual platform to lead off.  There are the issues that will be unveiled if America survives in the next couple years. 

Two things to watch as far as policy or law changes.  First a new "hate crimes" bill, if this is passed you will see pastors taken to prison for teaching the bible when it says that homosexuality is an abomination, that it is sin.

Second bill to look for will be the "fairness doctrine or policy" bill, if this is passed all conservative talk shows will likely be removed from public radio and television.  This bill says that if you have 1 hour radio show supporting a conservative lean, then you have to have a 1 hour radio show supporting the liberal stand.  Liberal radio programs have failed miserably in the radio space.   The only good thing I suppose is if they include this doctrine for the television networks and force ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and others to have a conservative balance.

Will there be a push for reparations due to slavery over 150 years ago?

New World Order? quoted European leaders

"But European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso called for the election to usher in a "new deal" between the United States and the rest of the world to tackle the global financial crisis and other troubles.

"This is a time for a renewed commitment between Europe and the United States of America," Barroso said in a statement. "We need to change the current crisis into a new opportunity. We need a new deal for a new world." "

Go to and see how Israel has been attacked and responded.  See Iran warn U.S.  Things are coming, pray for America, I am not hopeful with Barak as President and all those fools who think he is going to pay for their auto gas, or mortgage payment, America is not rich, but poor.  Pray that we don't go into a deep recession or even a depression.

See my other link on Where is America?

Was the War in Iraq "a mistake"?  Hear from a service member just having served in Iraq:

Freedom is always worth the price!

Last time I check "Joe the plumber" wasn't running for President.  Those who stand against Obama will be persecuted.  The left radicals are dangerous and drunk with power and wealth.  They are anti-Christian and pro-Palestinian which means anti-Israel, just like they won't say they are pro-Death, but pro-choice.  Time is running out for all, the Lord is coming, and then there will be utter chaos and evil will abound.  They will be very happy to live without the constant reminder of Christ in society and any who would choose to deny their messiah, we know as the anti-Christ, those who defy will be rounded up and jailed and beheaded promptly.  So all those who currently are fighting against the death penalty for murders and rapists, will then become pro-Death penalty as they persecute the believers in the coming Tribulation.  Oh how clever Satan is, that he has annoculated society from the very serum of God's Word, so that those he has entrapped become disturbed at the sound of truth.

Oct. 29, 2008 - Checks on 'Joe' more extensive than first acknowledged

I am not afraid for Israel, I am afraid for America.  Israel will have to do something to prevent Iran, but where will America be when that happens?  If Barak Hussein Obama is elected America will be supporting the Arab world.  Jimmy Carter threw his support for Hamas and against Israel.  Jesse Jackson said that when Barak Obama is elected President the climate in the middle east will change, Israel will no longer get preference from the U.S.   Is this the CHANGE that Barak Obama intends to bring?

Genesis 12:3 "I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.""

Oct. 28, 2008 - LA Times supressing release of Obama video tape

Oct 28, 2008 - Palestinians help to get the vote out for Obama

It is October 20, 2008 and as the election of the U.S. President draws near so Barak Hussein Obama's lead grows.  A man with no real experience (See Chris Matthews interview here Matthews Interview), a man with the furthest left record in the Senate in his only one term.  A man who is for abortion and gay marriage.  A man who supported and helped get the current radical Islamic Prime Minister of Kenya reach the office of Priminister.  Priminister Odinga is currently trying to get Sharia law enforced in Kenya, which is said to be 80% Christian.  A man who plans on raising taxes in the U.S. during an economic recession.  With all these facts I ask, how is it that America has become so lost in understanding, so void in wisdom?  Of course, America in large part has left the Wonderful Counselor, Jesus Christ, as the authoritative source of wisdom and guidance.  As I watch in unbelief, I realize that his is exactly how the anti-Christ will come to power also.  Perhaps the anti-Christ will be a pendulum swing to the hard far right?  After all, the anti-Christ doesn't come opposed to moral value, he sets up a world religion, which eventually he becomes the head of.  Will people be so finished after eight years of the Democrats ruining America that they go for an international power or figure head that will unite all peoples? 

     I don't know how we get to the Tribulation period from here, but I do know that God's word has never failed to this point, and the many prophecies concerning the last days are already in play today.  I believe we are on the very edge, not just because of Obama, please, America doesn't even get named in the last days prophecies.  But rather I believe we are on the very edge because of Israel.  The bible predicts that the "whole" world will stumble over Israel, the "whole" world will be against her.  I used to wonder how this was possible since America has been a staunch supporter of Israel.  It's no secret the previous Democratic President Jimmy Carter has disdain for Israel and even supports Hamas a radical Islamic terrorist group.  Yet now as I read articles about Jesse Jackson saying that when Obama is in power the Jewish state will no longer get preference, I realize that this is the last straw in America's proverbial hat.  Somewhat like the story of Samson in the Old Testament.  Samson did not fall overnight, he steadily broke one Nazerite vow after another.  As a Nazerite he was not allowed to eat or drink of the fruit of the vine, yet we find him drinking wine.  As a Nazerite he was not allowed to touch a dead body, this would make him unclean, yet later when he was walking by the lion's carcass he had earlier slain there was a bee hive there hanging from the carcass and he took some honey from the bee hive that was attached to the dead lion's body.  He was having sexual relationships, about the only vow he had not broken, the last proverbial straw for Samson was he had not cut his hair.  So Satan went after the last straw of Samson, to get his hair through Delilah.  Sure enough Samson finally revealed this last straw and she had his hair cut, he arose like times before, but did not realize the Spirit had left him and the Philistines bound Samson, blinded Samson, and made him a slave.  Now America seems to be playing with the last proverbial straw in her hat.  Perhaps the LORD will soon rapture His bride, and when America tries to rise up as in days of old against her enemies will she find she is powerless and gets easily defeated?

     Even as I read Jeremiah, who wept over a back slidden state of Israel, so I watch this once great nation of America, in a race to the bottom spiritually, socially, morally, and economically, I realize why America is not mentioned in prophecy of the last days.  It is very sad.  For the church here in America now, now is the time for us to prepare ourselves, to make ready for the bridegroom is coming, the day is at hand, we should not be caught without oil for our lamps as the five foolish virgins were, we should not be playing with a wicked world system, wrapped up in the evil entertainment, businesses or any other goodies Satan has dangled before our eyes.  Let us be purposed in our hearts to look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith in these last days, let us renew our love and singleness of mind in prayer, in the Word, in worship, in fellowship and in witnessing.  I think it is personally time for me to cast aside all of my side hobbies and focus more clearly on the One who is worthy, who loves us and is coming for us, even Jesus Christ, the bridegroom!

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