G.M. Inchingolo

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Biologist, anthropologist.  



... a disancorare neurodita //
pell' impulsi d' aracnoide arte //
ch' adorna arcate coll' ocra radiante //
che decora a becco d' anatra //
su tracce in fase a voli d'aliante //


  Diploma in chemistry, Tech. Inst. of Chem. Industry, Genoa, 1975.

Degree in biology, U. Genoa, 1981.

Cons. rschr. Italian Nat. Rsch. Ctrs. on Aging, Genoa, 1975-.

Cons. rschr. Inst. Anthropology U. Genoa, 1976-86.

Cons. rschr. Mus. Ethnomedicine, 1984-86.

Contbr. articles to sci. jours.




N.Y. Acad. Scis.

 Italian Soc. Anthropology and Ethnol.

Italian Soc. Medicine and Geriat.


Listed in

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The Dictionary of International Biography 

(IBC, Cambridge, GB)

 The Contemporary Who's Who 

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Europe 500, Global 500, 500 Great Minds of the early 21st Century 

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blues and rock music, game theory.



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