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1. New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Statistics show that snowy and icy conditions are among the top causes of most slips and fall accidents. The danger may not always be obvious, such as with black ice. Also, we may be in a rush and do not walk as carefully as normal. These situations can be made worse with an icy or slippery sidewalk or road surface in winter.

When a personal injury attorney looks at winter slip and fall accidents, there is a critical question: Could this slip and fall accident have been foreseen and prevented? In most cases, an attorney needs to conduct an assessment to decide if the property owner had a duty to the injured party. Did that owner have a duty to the injured party to conform to a standard of care? If so, was this duty carried out?

2. Mediation in Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury claim mediation may be thought of as a sort of assisted negotiation process. A nonpartisan mediator is hired to hear out both sides of the claim. Evidence is offered by each party, and the mediator communicates with both sides to come to a conclusion that both can live with. A mediator is in most cases an attorney or a retired judge. He or she usually has specific training and experience in the specific type of injury case in question. They also have special training in mediation and dispute resolution.

The job of the mediator is to be an objective third party who can manage the two conflicting sides in an assisted negotiation to get around the previous obstacles that prevented a settlement to be reached.

3. Emotional Distress Damages

Emotional distress is a type of non-economic damage that you can claim when you file a personal injury lawsuit, or initiate settlement negotiations. Non- economic damages is a reflection of the pain and anguish you feel both mentally and physically due to your accident injuries.

Physical and mental trauma do not have a clear dollar value, so the compensation that you get for these damages are usually expressed as a multiplier that is applied to your total medical bills associated with mental health treatment. If you did not receive care for mental health after your accident, your personal injury attorney needs to express the mental and psychological harm you suffered in other ways.

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