Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the information network rules, you will be informed about the approval authority requested by users who use Honey Studio app, the items of personal information collected through this, and the destruction of personal information. If you install and use the app, please read it carefully.

1. Authority Requested

If you install and run the app to use the app's services, you are requesting the minimum number of mobile phone usage rights required to use the service.

When you run an app, your permission to request permission from the user (e.g., camera, microphone account, contact, phone, etc.) is a permission request for the user to use the app's basic functions properly.

For storage usage rights, this is the permission required to store the app's local data on the device.

For camera permissions, this is the permission required to turn on / off the flash of the rear camera used by the flashlight app.

For microphone permissions, you need permission to use the speech recognition feature in the Flashlight app.

2. Personal information you collect

No personal information is collected from users.

3. Destruction of personal information

Since we do not have any personal information we collect from our users, we do not have any information to destroy them.