Productivity Apps

These apps will help you get the most out of your iPod Touch or iPad.

 Instaweather Pro ($2.59) but there is a free version, probably with advertising.  WORKS ON iOS 11

Records the weather by taking a photo and adds data to it- easy to share to social media. I wrote this blog post to share how I might use it.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
 Genius Scan ($4:19)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Great app for scanning receipts etc. It corrects perspective and enhances the image which can then be exported or combined in to one pdf of image. Really useful.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


 Chirp (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Quickly 'chirp' photos, notes and URL's to other devices with the app running. Quick way to send and share individual photos to other iPads in your class. Here's my blog post about it.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
 Dropbox (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Firstly go here and get your Dropbox sorted on your laptop. Then get the app so you can view the files on your laptop Dropbox.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Photo Transfer ($4.19)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Use this app to wirelessly transfer photos, screengrabs and videos to and from your iPad to you laptop over the same wireless system. Wifi Transfer does the same sort of thing but is free. Install the free Mac App for even easier transfer.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Flick (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

With this clever app you can flick your photos from any device to and from each other- Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux- Android to come. You need to install it on your laptop as well. No email required.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, Mac, Windows
 Photogene ($4.19) 

My favourite photo editing tool- crop, level, rotate, apply filters, speech bubbles and cool frames

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

 Easy QR Reader 2 (free)

An easy QR Code Reader. If you want to know more about QR codes read my blog posts about QR Codes here.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

 Fancy QR Generator (free) or QR Code Maker (free)

Use this app to make QR Codes that save to your camera roll on your iPad. You can even make nice coloured versions!!!

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Find iPhone (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Help find your phone if it gets misplaced

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Skype (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Do your Skype from your iPad. Make free phone calls to other people with Skype.

iPod Touch and iPad

 1Password ($10.99)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Because I use 1Password on my computer to remember all my hard to crack passwords it made sense to be able to access the password database from my iPhone as well.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Evernote (Free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Write notes, take photos, record audio. Tag it and synch it over all your devices. A must have.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Desktop
 Soundnote ($6.49)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Record a voice, take notes by writing keywords. Then as you replay the audio and click on the keywords you are instantly taken to that part in the recording/

iPad (free)  WORKS ON iOS 11

Download the app- get 5GB of free storage. Then read my instructions on my blog on how to make it so you can use to upload and download your Pages documents to and from web.dav

iPod Touch and iPad
 Slingnote ($4:19)

With this app you can grab web links, snippets of web sites and write text. Great for note taking when researching from web sites.