ENABLE Workshop

Launching Learning with an iPad ENABLE Course March 2014

If you would like us to share something in particular with you please record it on 
To add to it just click on the graphic and double tap.

These are some of the other web spaces that may come up in the workshop and the apps that we will be using are linked below. 

  • Readium App for Chrome to view multi-touch books on your laptop. 

        Instructions for Follow Up Activity- complete  at least one of the following

  • Construct an image made of photos of your class with their iPads using Pic Collage, get it on to your laptop and add it to a slide on this Google presentation along with your name http://goo.gl/ujLpVz

  • Make a video using Puppet Pal HD and share it to Vimeo or YouTube. Link or embed  the video onto your page on the Google Presentation

Puppet Pals HD ($4:19)

Make simple animated movies with your own voice over with your own characters and backgrounds. Very versatile.


iPad There is a separate iPod Touch/iPhone version as well.
 Book Creator ($6.49)

Brilliant book creator, make your book and it sends it to iBooks- with audio and video support. The update allows the co-creation of books on multiple iPads and the addition of hyperlinks.


iPad only
 iBooks (free)


A virtual bookcase - holds proper books and pdfs. Click on Library (or Books/Pdfs on an iPod Touch) to change between them.

iPod Touch and iPad
 Pic Collage (free)

Great app for combining photos into collages. 

Look for the tutorial on how to use it and embed photo on your blog here.


iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/instaweather/id564147490?mt=8  Instweather (free)

You can use this app to record where you are and layer information about the weather. 


If you want to get rid of the adverts you can purchase the pro version for $2:59 by clicking here.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/tellagami/id572737805?mt=8  Tellagami (free)

Construct an avatar, upload a background or use one of theirs. Record your voice or type text. Export to Camera Roll or get the embed code.Here is my example. Here is my blog post of how Tellagami can be used across all levels of the SAMR model.


iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad