Dozen Best

Say I was told that I could only get a dozen apps for my iPad apart from the ones they came with out of the box.

What would they be? 

A hard decision. I am not a big fan of teachers buying ten different apps that do the same thing so am trying to rise to the challenge to pick my dozen must haves.

I teach Year Four a lot so am looking at it from a Year Four teacher's perspective but these apps go well across a whole primary school.

Here we go in no particular order.

I would also have Echofon for Twitter but as my iPad doesn't have 3G I would leave that for my iPhone.

 1. Show Me Interactive Whiteboard (free)

Draw and record your voice on your iPad at the same time- can add your photos upload and get quick embed code.

 2.Puppet Pals HD (free)

You get the initial app for free but definitely get the extra characters as an in app purchase for about $5 then you can also add characters and scenes of your own.

iPad There is a separate iPod Touch/iPhone version as well.
 3. Sonic Pics ($4.19)

So easy to use for digital storytelling, recording school trips, evidence of learning, all sorts. Movies export to your Camera Roll.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 4. Popplet Lite (free)

The lite version only lets you create on mindmap at a time. There is a paid version for ($6.49) that lets you create multiple Popplets. I just take a screen grab of the lite version when it's finished with.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 5. Pages ($13.99)

Very useful Word Processor- integrates well with your photo library. To synch Pages docs using between iPad read my tutorial here.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 6. Blogger (free)

A stunningly simple way to blog- log in, write a title, add some text and take a photo or get one from photos and publish. Too easy.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 7. Book Creator ($6.49)

Brilliant book creator, make your book and it sends it to iBooks and exports to video in the camera roll- now with embedded audio, video and freestyle handwriting features.


 8. Write About This NZ ($5:19) Look also for the free version.

Either select from pre-set writing prompts or take your own. Record a voice prompt to go with it and write your story. When you're done you can record your story and export it to your camera roll. Here is my quick example. This is the link to the New Zealand version. Woohoo.

 9. Photogene ($4.19)

My favourite photo editing tool- crop, level, rotate, apply filters, speech bubbles and cool frames

iPod Touch and iPad
 10.Photo Transfer ($4.19)

Use this app to wirelessly transfer photos, screengrabs and videos to and from your iPad to you laptop over the same wireless system. Wifi Transfer does the same sort of thing but is free.

iPod Touch and iPad
 11. Math Tappers (free)

I like it cos you can change the difficulty to suit the child. You can add individual children's names. Perfect for checking on number bonds in a fun way. I also really like Multi-Touch Math but I am only allowed a dozen apps.

iPod Touch and iPad
 12.  Flick (free)

Flick seamlessly flicks images, video and app between devices- Android, Apple, Windows, laptop.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows laptop, Android, Linux