Dozen Best

Say I was told that I could only get a dozen apps for my iPad.

What would they be? 

A hard decision. I am not a big fan of teachers buying ten different apps that do the same thing so am trying to rise to the challenge to pick my dozen must haves.

I teach Year Four a lot so am looking at it from a Year Four teacher's perspective but these apps go well across a whole primary school.

Here we go in no particular order.

I would also have Echofon for Twitter but as my iPad doesn't have 3G I would leave that for my iPhone.

I would have the Google Apps- Docs and Slides especially as they have added some really useful new functionality to them but I didn't have room in the best dozen table. 

 1. Show Me Interactive Whiteboard (free)

Draw and record your voice on your iPad at the same time- can add your photos upload and get quick embed code. Really useful for making recordings of lessons to keep or share. It can upload to the web very easily if wanted so you can get the embed code for your blog or Google site. 
Open ended and cross curriculum.


Puppet Pals HD Directors' Pass ($4:99)

You can get a free version and get the extra functionality with an in app purchase but it is way better to get the whole app in one ago. Well worth it. One of my favourites. You use your characters to easily record movies, exports to the camera roll. Open ended and cross curriculum.

iPad There is a separate iPod Touch/iPhone version as well.
 3.Easy Qr 2 (free)

Really easy to use QR Code reader- very reliable. Make QR codes using the Chrome Extension Google URL Shortener and your iPad can quickly access websites- especially useful for little kids to access tricky to type web sites.

iPad. iPhone, iPod Touch
 4. Popplet Lite (free)

The lite version only lets you create on mindmap at a time. There is a paid version for ($6.49) that lets you create multiple Popplets. I just take a screen grab of the lite version when it's finished with.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

 5. Pages ($12.99 or free with new iPads)

Very useful Word Processor- integrates well with your photo library. It comes free with newly purchased iPads so you may not need to buy it. 

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 6. Blogger (free)

A stunningly simple way to blog- log in, write a title, add some text and take a photo or get one from photos and publish. Too easy.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
 7. Book Creator ($6.49)

Brilliant book creator, make your book and it sends it to iBooks and exports to video in the camera roll- now with embedded audio, video and freestyle handwriting features. My MUST HAVE NUMBER ONE MOST VERSATILE APP. 
Open ended and cross curriculum.

 8.  iBooks (free) 

Fabulous as a virtual bookshelf for your Book Creator Books so that once the books are finished they cannot accidentally be changed by readers.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

 9. Write About This NZ ($5:19) Look also for the free version.

Either select from pre-set writing prompts or take your own. Record a voice prompt to go with it and write your story. When you're done you can record your story and export it to your camera roll. Here is my quick example. This is the link to the New Zealand version. Woohoo.

 10. Photogene ($4.19)

My favourite photo editing tool- crop, level, rotate, apply filters, speech bubbles and cool frames. Simple but efective.

iPod Touch and iPad
 11.  Pic Collage for Kids (free)

Great app for combining photos into collages. Also add text and export to camera roll or email.

Look for the tutorial on how to use it and embed photo on your blog here.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

 11. Explain Everything ($4:19)

Draw and record your voice on your iPad at the same time. The joy of this one is that it exports as a movie to your camera roll and doesn't need a log in or internet to work. Open ended and cross curriculum.

iPod Touch, IPhone, iPad
 12.  Flick (free)

Flick seamlessly flicks images, video and app between devices- Android, Apple, Windows, laptop.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Apple Laptop, Windows laptop, Android, Linux

To get to to the cross device Flick click here.