Apps that grown-ups might like on their iPhone or iPad

These apps are some that I would recommend if you had an iPad for your own personal use as an adult, not necessarily aimed at children's use.

Remember if you have an iPhone 4 or better you can use it as a personal hotspot and you can let your iPad link to it wirelessly to get internet on the move without paying a 3G subscription on the iPad. To find out how to do that, click here.

 Red Cross First Aid and Emergency (free) 

DRSABC- Danger, Response, Send for help, Airways, Breathing, Circulation

If you have time to look up stuff it may be useful.

 AED Locations (free)

Have it on your phone and it may well save a life. It will locate the nearest place to you that has a defibrillator. When seconds count this is a must. Screengrab It helped to save a lady's life here in Nelson

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

 AVG Family Safety (free)

Turn off Safari in the restrictions and use AVG if you want to filter the internet or block particular sites.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Flipboard (free)

Makes a beautifully crafted personalised magazine out of your interests via RSS

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Pinterest (free)

Pin things you like on the web onto virtual pinboards so you can find them later. Social media- share your pinboards and make them collaboratively.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
Easy  QR  (free)

An easy QR Code Reader. If you want to know more about QR codes read my blog posts about QR Codes here.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Pro HDR ($2.59)

Takes stunning photos- it actually takes two- exposes one for the light and one for the dark and meshes them. A must have for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

iPhone 4, iPad
  Pages ($13.99)

Very useful Word Processor- exports as WORD or PDF. A must have for serious writing.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
Kindle App (free)

Use this app to log in to your Kindle account and synch your books- just like a Kindle tablet but it's an app.

iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone
Photo Transfer ($4.19)

Use this app to wirelessly transfer photos, screengrabs and videos to and from your iPad to you laptop over the same wireless system. Wifi Transfer does the same sort of thing but is free.

iPod Touch and iPad
 Photogene ($4.19)

My favourite photo editing tool- crop, level, rotate, apply filters, speech bubbles and cool frames

iPad- there is an iPhone version as well.
 Pic Collage (free)

Arrange numerous photos on one page and send as a collage.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
 iBooks (free)

A virtual bookcase to put your saved pdfs and books that you may have made in other applications.

iPod, iPod Touch, iPad
 Find iPhone (free)

Help find your phone if it gets misplaced

iPod Touch and iPad
 Honk ($1:29)

Get a parking spot, swipe the meter for the time you've paid for. The app tells you how long you've got on the meter, via GPS it knows how far away from your car you are and warns you in time to get back before you get a parking ticket and shows you where your car is and how to get there. Cunning.

iPhone and iPad
 Skype (free)

Do your Skype from your iPad. Make free phone or video calls to other people with Skype.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Find NZ (free)

It uses the GPS in your phone to locate the nearest places you might want to go to.!-nz/id311117200?mt=8

Not much point on an iPod Touch unless you know where there is free wifi.
iPhone, iPad
 Paper by Fifty Three (free but you buy extra features in an in-app purchase

Drawing/painting: Quite simple but elegant interface which makes it great for beginners.

 Evernote (Free)

Write notes, take photos, record audio. Tag it and synch it over all your devices. A must have.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Desktop
 Google Earth (Free)

Zoom in and go cruising around the world. View your own place from above!

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Trade Me (free)

Log in to view auctions, make bids and check on your auctions.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Facebook (free)

I prefer Facebook on my iPad to viewing on my laptop!

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Met Service Free

Weather Forecasts for your area.

 Star Walk ($6.49)

Aim your iPad up at the stars and learn more about the heavens.


 Air New Zealand Mobile (free)

Put in your flight details and it remembers when you have to fly- it even has the code that you scan to get through security.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 Grabaseat (free)

Quick access to the Grabaseat deals of the day from Air New Zealand.\

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Stuff  (free)

On line New Zealand News app. You can also get the NZ Herald app.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 ONE News (free)

Keep up to date with what's happening on TVNZ News- watch topical recent videos

 Banking Apps- (free)

 Yellow NZ (free)

Access New Zealand's residential and business phone numbers.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Where's My Water ($1.29)

Hours of entertainment as you help the alligator get some water.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
  Tiny Wings ($1.29)

I love the little guy- you help him down the hills so he can scoot up the other side and get airborne- weeeeeee.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad
 KiwiCam (free)

Web Cams from around New Zealand.

 Draw Something (free)

Take turns to guess what your friends have drawn. Good fun and improve your skills.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
 Words with Friends HD

Play scrabble with your friends.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
  Foodie Apps (free) 

Domino's NZ
Our Groceries
  Dropbox (free)

Firstly go here and get your Dropbox sorted on your laptop. Then get the app so you can view the files on your laptop Dropbox.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and Laptop
  Group! (free)

You can't automatically send text messages to groups of people all at once without adding people one at a time. With Group! you can.!/id488704737?mt=8

iPhone, iPad
 Genius Scan ($4:19)

Take a scan of something like a til receipt. Genius scan detects the shape of the image and makes it into a rectangle shape. Exports as a pdf of jpeg. Great for recording expenses.

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

   Echofon for iPhone (free)

This is the Twitter app that I use- has some features that are really useful- tweet on the move!

iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad