Inishbiggle (Inis Bigil in Irish) is a small inhabited island off the coast of County Mayo in Ireland. Its name in Irish means "Island of the Fasting." The island is situated between the northeast of Achill Island and to the west of Ballycroy on the mainland.The island is 2½ km x 1½ km, or 650 acres (2.6 km2) in area. Latitude: 53° 59' 50" N Longitude: 9° 54' 10" W.
Access to the island is by boat from either Doran's point at Ballycroy  or Bullsmouth, Dooniver on Achill. A fully illuminated helipad is in place close to Dig Deep Farm on Inishbiggle to afford emergency access. Unpredictable currents in the channels during winter months can render the island inaccessible.During fair weather the passage is about ten minutes maximum in traditional boats.


Ferryman Joe O'Malley ferrying a passenger across Bullsmouth to Inishbiggle.


Ferryman Michael Leneghan ferrying passengers from Gub Na Dubh pier on Inishbiggle to Dorans Point, Ballycroy.
For Ferry Services: 
Bullsmouth: 00 353 (0)86 0612482  (Joe O'Malley)
Dorans:       00 353 (0)87 1269618  (Michael Leneghan)          
The island's population currently stands at 17 people. 
The main activities on the island are sheep, cattle, and aqua farming.
Facilities on the island did include a school and a post office, both now closed.

The school is now used as a surgery for the visiting Doctor, as a community meeting/ events room and as the focal point for the islands annual festival. An ecumenical church is also located at the east end of the island.
                                                                                Yawl racing in Bullsmouth                                                                                                   

Holy Trinity Church

A colage by Patrick Comerford of houses on te island o

A collage by Patrick Comerford from his blog 'White Tintoretto clouds’ and a tiny church on the small island of Inishbiggle.

The now redundant National School constructed in 1947