Welcome to the homepage of INI! 

Here you can download INI, its reference documentations and a tool to convert INI to Promela (for model checking with SPIN). Moreover, interested people may discuss related topics.

  08/07/2013: Update a technical report on  
    model checking INI programs.  
  04/07/2013: Add a document introducing the 
    formalization of INI (syntax and formal 
    semantics) in the Downloads section. 
  04/07/2013: Add a tutorial to help 
    programmers get familiar INI.  
  12/11/2012: Update a video of using INI for
    controlling the humanoid robot Nao. Please
    watch the video in News.  
  24/02/2012: Update files and documentation.
  20/11/2011: Update documentation.
  03/09/2011: Update files.
  01/07/2011: A new homepage for INI