Equipment refers to one-time purchases that are necessary to start a book repair lab. Equipment consists of:

1. Sewing frame
Pressure applicators
  • Used to hold the pieces of a book together during assembly. If only purchasing one, make sure it is large enough to accommodate any over-sized book
  • 2. Standing press

**Financial considerations regarding equipment**
This manual recommends that a careful cost-benefit analysis always be done on equipment. Although the start-up cost may be high, the equipment has a very long life, often longer than the life of the technician. It is very possible to find used equipment in good condition that can be bought at a lower price. If even less costly options are needed, do-it-yourself versions of the equipment are conceivable. 
  • Sewing frames could be constructed by someone with some carpenter skills using plywood. Example from Eden Workshops.
  • Standing presses can be made using marble sink cutouts and attached handles found at a hardware store. 

1. Sewing frame

2. Standing press

3. Lying press