Our Vision

Inherit Your Rights seeks to educate and empower individuals in Tanzania concerning basic human rights, and to represent those who are facing inequality and injustice.  
 Inherit Your Rights is based in Arusha, Tanzania.  We work towards educating, representing and empowering disadvantaged individuals in the region with a focus on closing the inequality gap between men, women and children.  We offer education programs on human rights, the law, and the inequalities women and children commonly face in Tanzania.  We provide legal representation and advice to those facing injustice, and sponsor local Tanzanians through law school as part of our legal fellowship program. 

Inherit Your Rights was originally founded to help widows who were left in incredibly desperate circumstances after the death of their husbands.  In rural Tanzania, widows are extremely vulnerable to abuse.  Under customary law, when a man dies, his wife almost always inherits nothing, and rather, the man’s children are the first to inherit.  However, if the children are too young to asset their rights, the man’s family often takes advantage of the situation and strips the widow and her children of their inheritance.  These women, alone and with no means of supporting themselves or their children, need both legal representation and practical assistance. 


Our vision is to build Inherit Your Rights into an effective vehicle to empower individuals to stand up for their rights, for equality and for justice.  Our approach is three-fold:

 1.  Education: IYR works with various community groups including children, women, men, local community leaders and religious leaders to educate them about: 

                   a) basic human rights, including children’s rights; 
                   b) property rights and inheritance law;
                   c) family law matters, including marriage, divorce, and child custody; and
                   d) domestic violence.


            Through education, our aim is to bring awareness to the inequalities suffered by women, children and other disadvantaged individuals of Tanzania, and to stop the cycle of injustice and abuse.


  2. Representation: IYR holds legal aid clinics for individuals who wish to seek legal advice on specific issues and represent those who wish to pursue their matters through the Tanzanian justice system. By creating a safe and confidential environment for individuals to access legal aid, our aim is to assist those facing injustice to assert, exercise and defend their legal rights.


           3. Empowerment: Through education and legal aid, our aim is to empower all people, regardless of age, gender, 
            or religion to:
            a)  pass on their knowledge about rights to others in their communities; 
            b)  stand up for their own rights and for the rights of others; and 
            c)  mobilize their communities for equality and justice.