1st Legal Fellow: Ngeeyan Oloibormunyei

Background: Ngeeyan is Maasai and comes from Kapenjiro village, in Ngorongoro conservation area in northern Tanzania.

Education: Bachelor of Law degree from Tumaini University, Makumira



        NGO: Uvikiuta (plus exchange to Kenvo Youth NGO)

        Location: Dar es Salaam (and Nairobi, Kenya)

        Focus: Youth Empowerment


        NGO: ALAPA

        Location: Arusha

        Focus: Pastoral Rights

In his words "The fellowship is important not only to law graduates but also to rural communities who lack legal assistance due to, among other things, unaffordable justice in our country; now they will enjoy the legal services through this fellowship". 

Ngeeyan has a strong commitment to human rights, cemented through his volunteer experience at NGOs in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Nairobi. Ngeeyan was excited to join IYR in January 2013, initially as a volunteer and then as IYR's first Legal Fellow, a position he was thrilled to be offered. Ngeeyan is an incredible advocate for widows' rights, delivering lectures across the Arusha region to widows' groups, community leaders and NGOs, and conducting extensive research for IYR's educational materials.