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Merry Christmas / Heri Ya Krismasi from IYR Team!

posted Dec 15, 2017, 2:16 AM by I Yr   [ updated Dec 15, 2017, 2:22 AM ]

Heri ya Krismasi 

Happy Christmas from Inherit Your Rights!

What a year it’s been!

Our small but effective staff have been able to accomplish so much this year. We’ve trained women’s groups in multiple locations and from diverse educational backgrounds and tribes. We’ve produced radio shows; televised legal discussions and provided legal aid to numerous women and loved every minute!!!

Please celebrate the following accomplishments for 2017 with us:

With 11 groups in many areas totally over 800 women.
Participants from 5 groups who completed 16 subjects
Broadcast on a weekly basis about women’s and human rights.

More work to be done...

We’ve heartbreaking stories during our trainings...

Although most of our work is extremely rewarding and exciting, we sometimes come across stories that make us realize there is still a long way to go in protecting the rights of young girls, especially.

At one of our trainings, a Masai woman wept
telling us about a young 10 year old girl who died in childbirth after being forced by her father to marry one of his peers. She was so badly injured that she was unable to defecate or urinate and was forced to live in the toilet hut due to the odor. Unfortunately, she had fallen pregnant and died during childbirth. The room was silent on hearing this story. Eventually, every woman in the room made the following commitment:

“This is never going to happen to my daughters. I will make sure they get an education and not be forced into an early marriage.”

This year we would like to thank the Inherit Your Rights Board, founders, staff, volunteers and donors for their contributions that enabled us to have such an amazing impact. We also want to thank the organizations that have given ‘in kind’ through free radio and television airtime, training venues, transport to and from workshops, office space, electricity and water. Your partnership has enabled us to accomplish a lot with a little. Similarly those of you who’ve donated funds, we deeply appreciate your support.

Seasons Greetings, Judi Owens for the IYR Team


This year we’d like to offer the opportunity for you to give an Inherit Your Rights gift certificate to your loved ones this season.

We have a selection of different denominations for you “to purchase” which will help to change lives. Your gift will help us stop child marriages, stop domestic violence, help women write wills, own property, protect their children. Follow the link below to donate and print off the appropriate card or email to your loved one,  this Christmas.

An Avocado Tree

was planted at one training as a symbol of the fruit IYR’s training would bring to the community for many years to come.

Radio Shows.

Most radio shows are ‘live’ and many call in with questions. The biggest concern seems to be that empowering women equals no respect for men.

Legal Aid

One victory this year was a woman whose husband evicted her from their matrimonial home with their 2 children so that he and his girlfriend could live there. The court ruled that he pay rent & maintenance!