Education Program

Educating Tanzanians about their legal rights is one of the main focus' of Inherit Your Rights. We travel to different villages and organizations to give training seminars on different aspects of Tanzanian law. We currently have two sets of curriculum: women's rights and children's rights. If the group has a particular subject they are interested in, outside of our curriculum, the IYR team researches all relevant laws and creates a special lesson specifically for that group. All training documents are originally created in English, then translated into Swahili and Maasai.

History of the Program

Our educational programs began in March 2013, when IYR’s legal team started to deliver human rights lectures to widows’ groups in the region. The first of these lectures was given to the widows of Kioga, with whom we have a special relationship, as they were the first group of widows that IYR met with in 2010, empowering them through education and income generating projects.

From the 30 widows in Kioga, over the course of the year, IYR visited and delivered human rights trainings & lectures to 7 further rural Maasai villages and their widows’ groups, totaling over 300 widows! Widows across the Arusha region and beyond began hearing about their rights, their rights to equality, to inheritance, to property, and to fair treatment, and most importantly how to defend those rights. Encouragingly, other women, not just widows, began attending these lectures, keen to learn and hear of their rights.

IYR began carrying out children's rights trainings with different schools and orphanages around Arusha. So far we have managed to carry out training sessions with Arusha Modern school and the Lengajape orphans. This provides a great opportunity to interact with the children and  explain both rights they have and where to go if they need help.

IYR also started working with ward land tribunals, the governing lay bodies that hear and deliver rulings on land disputes at a local level. Our team works hard to develop good relationships with these councils, and we were thrilled when one such tribunal board asked IYR for legal training! IYR delivered trainings to 2 tribunals on both procedural and substantive legal issues, and human rights. We hope to put together a structured training curriculum tailored specifically for land tribunal boards, and to develop our relationship with land ward tribunals across the region further. 

The Women's Rights Curriculum

Our women's rights curriculum is a 16-lesson long training program. Informational lessons are spaced out with review sessions to make sure the women are grasping the material. At the end of the curriculum, if each woman has attended a majority of classes, and can pass their exam test—an open ended question on any topic we have covered in the trainings—he or she receives a certificate of completion. With this certificate, women are qualified to gain positions such as paralegals and advise their fellow community members on their rights. 

1. General Human Rights Overview
2. Land Rights
3. Land Right Procedures
4. Deeds
5. Mortgages
6. Land Compensation
7. Property Rights and Procedures
8. Inheritance Rights and Procedures
9. Wills
10. Marriage
11. Domestic Violence
12. Divorce and Child Custody
13. Divorce Procedures
14. Children's Rights
15. Labour Rights
16. Labour Court and Procedures

The Children's Rights Curriculum

Our children's rights curriculum has been designed to be taught to either adults or children. The lessons taught to adults are aimed towards teaching parents, guardians, and community members how they can best protect children. The lessons taught to children are aimed toward teaching the children what their rights are and what they can do to ensure their needs are met.  

1. Basic Children's Rights and Freedoms
2. The Right to Education 
3. Child Labour
4. Inheritance
5. Child Custody
6. Court Procedures
7. Local Customs (Child Marriage, FGM, etc.)
8. Child Abuse

Below are some examples of the organizations and groups we train:

Ekenywa Womens Group


The Ekenywa Group is very close to completing the Women's Rights Curriculum. These ladies are primarily Maasai and live about thirty minutes outside of Arusha.

Arusha Modern School

We were lucky enough to be invited to Arusha modern school to give a lecture to the children on children's rights. We explained exactly what rights children have as well as basic human rights. One topic that many of the children were interested in was female genital mutilation, encouragingly it was mainly the boys asking how they could stop it occurring. 

Sidai & Sew Women's Group



The Sidai and Sew Group were the first to complete all 16 lessons of the Women's Right's Curriculum. We are so proud of these amazing men and women. We had a graduation ceremony at the end to celebrate all their hard work and dedication. 

Mshikamo Women's Group

Sombetini Women's Group


Tunaweza Women's Group