Celebrating Superwomen

Superwoman Rahema
Inherit Your Rights meets many women who have overcome adversity and whose strength is contagious. We want to celebrate these superwomen. With their permission we will share their stories and victories. 

"I really believe that women can bring change to a community and that the future can be bright." 

Her story in her words: 

Before I did the Inherit your rights training I didn’t know a lot about laws and I also didn’t get a lot of trust from the other village council members. I didn’t even know that there has to be women in the village council. Now that I finished the first curriculum my mind has grown bigger and I feel a lot more confident. The other village council members trust me more and I was able to give legal advice to people in my community and also to solve disputes concerning land rights. I really believe that women can brig change to a community and that the future can be bright. If the community loves, respects and tries to understand each other and is peaceful with each other there can be change in the community.

Rahema is chairlady of the Themba training group and has been passionate about organizing women's training groups. 

"Within the community women, widows and children are in a difficult situation. Widows often lose property when the husband dies, so they try to do small businesses to support their families with a little income. Women have often been abandoned by their husbands so they also try to do small businesses. There are many orphans because the children lost their parents and many of them are homeless because they lost their parents property." 

Rahema has completed the Human Rights Curriculum Training. We asked her what difference she has noticed?

"My mind has definitely grown bigger. Also I’m a member of the village council and in that position I was able to solve different land disputes without going to court. I learned a lot about procedures of land rights, inheritance and divorce and with that knowledge I was able to give legal aid to community members."

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