Inherit Your Rights seeks to educate, empower and represent individuals in the developing world
concerning their property and inheritance rights.

Inherit Your Rights is based in Arusha, Tanzania and works towards educating, empowering and representing disadvantaged individuals in the region. While founded to help widows who were left in incredibly desperate circumstances after the death of their husbands we also carry out training with children and general women’s groups. We seek to help the community by providing training sessions on legal rights, empowering women through micro-finance projects and sponsoring local Tanzanians through law school as part of our legal fellowship program.

In rural Tanzania, widows are extremely vulnerable to abuse: under customary law, when a man dies, his wife inherits nothing, unless she is childless and there are no other living relatives. The man’s children are his rightful heirs. However, if the children are too young to assert their rights, the man’s family often takes advantage of the situation, and expels the widow and her children from the family land. These women, alone and with no means of supporting themselves or their children, need both legal representation and practical assistance.

Recent News

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    Posted Oct 10, 2017, 1:51 AM by I Yr
  • Women walk to Inherit Your Rights trainings for miles.... some without shoes A number of Masai women walk to the trainings that we hold in Moshono. They live some distance away and sometimes arrive after the training has started. No one can ...
    Posted Jul 20, 2017, 7:50 AM by I Yr
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