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BWCCA 2016 (The 11th International Conference on Broadband Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications), Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies 2 발표

게시자: 유비쿼터스보안연구실, 2016. 11. 7. 오전 6:48   [ 2016. 11. 7. 오후 9:37에 업데이트됨 ]
BWCCA-2016 에 다음과 같은 논문 세 편을 발표하였습니다.

임종혁(박사과정), 이문규 교수님
"Password Authentication Using One-Time Key-Based Signature and Homomorphic Encryption",

이문규 교수님, 임종혁(박사과정)
"On-line Voting System with Illegal Ballot Filtering Using Homomorphic Encryption",

권희용(석사과정), 이문규 교수님
"Fast Signature Verification with Shared Implicit Certificates for Vehicular Communication".