Complex Systems Research Group @ Inha University

We are a group based at Inha University doing research to understand the design and working principles of complex systems representing e.g., the molecular interactions in biological cells and disease pathways, the interspecific interactions in ecological communities, the social relationship and economic activities of humans and their various organizations. To do so, we do data analysis, develop and solve mathematical models, and perform computer simulations in the framework of statistical physics and the recently-developed network theory.

Research interests

Phase transitions and scaling in dynamical processes on complex networks including 
boolean dynamics, synchronization, sandpile avalanche, and percolation;
Gaussian model and random walks on heterogeneous networks;  
Solvable models for complex systems and stochastic processes including 
the asymmetric simple exclusion processes;
Extreme value statistics;
Statistical properties of fluctuating interfaces;

Structure, dynamics, and evolution of cellular networks, such as the transcriptional regulatory networks 
and the metabolic networks, and their applications to human diseases and drug target search;
Analysis and modeling of ecological networks;
Dynamics of international trades;
Theoretical model for spontaneous imbibition;
Computational model for tumor growth and vasculature remodeling


 PI     Dr. Deok-Sun Lee (3/1/2009 - present; CV  ) 
 Postdoc Dr. Mi Jin Lee (3/1/2017 - )
 Students Mr. Hyung-Ha Yoo (MS: 3/1/2014 - 2/28/2016, PhD: 3/1/2016 - present)
Mr. Seong-Gook Choi (BS: 9/1/2016 - 2/28/2017, MS: 3/1/2017 - present)
Mr. Heung Kyung Kim (MS: 3/1/2017 - present)
Mr. Min Seok Kim (MS: 3/1/2017 - present)
 Alumni         Dr. Matthieu Barbier (postdoc: 1/1/2013 - 4/12/2014)  CBTM Moulis, France
Mr. Gyeong-Gyun Ha (MS: 3/1/2014 - 8/31/2015) Bitnine Co. LTd., Korea
Mr. Chang-Young Oh (BS: 3/1/2014 - 5/31/2015) ASML Korea, Co. Ltd., Korea
Dr. Kanghun Kim (postdoc: 2/1/2014 - 4/26/2016) Korea Asset Pricing Co., Korea
Dr. Seong Eun Maeng (postdoc: 3/1/2016 -2/28/2017 ) SC Platform, Korea
Mr. Seong-Seok Lee (BS: 1/1/2015 - 2/28/2017)
Mr. Jaegu Kyoung (MS: 3/1/2013-8/31/2017) 
Recent collaborators Dr. Purin Kim, Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul
Dr. Sungmin Hwang, LPTMS, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay
Mr. Moon-Yong Cha, Military Service 
Mr. Kookyoung Han, Economics, University of Michigan, Michigan
Dr. Zeinab Sadjadi, Theoretical Physics, Saarland University, Saarbruecken
Prof. Heiko Rieger, Theoretical Physics, Saarland University, Saarbruecken
Prof. Jae Woo Lee, Physics, Inha University, Incheon
Prof. Byungnam Kahng, Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul
Prof. Yong-Yeol Ahn, Information and Computing, Indiana University, Bloomington
Dr. Vinayak Kapatral, Igenbio, Chicago
Prof. Cheol-Min Ghim, Biomedical Engineering and Physics, UNIST, Ulsan
Prof. Juyong Park, Culture Technology, KAIST, Daejeon
Prof. Albert-László Barabási, Physics, Northeastern University, Boston
Prof. Kwang-Il Goh, Physics, Korea University, Seoul
Prof. Marcel den Nijs, Physics, University of Washington, Seattle
Prof. Doochul Kim, Institute for Basic Science, Korea


Functional organization of cellular networks: robustness and growth 
  Mid-Career Researcher Program of National Research Foundation of Korea   
  6/1/2016 - 5/31/2019
Fluctuations in evolving complex networks 
  Mid-Career Researcher Program of National Research Foundation of Korea   
  12/1/2013 - 11/30/2016
Dynamical correlations in complex systems 
  General Researcher Program of National Research Foundation of Korea 
  5/1/2012 - 4/30/2015
Dynamics of cellular networks
  General Researcher Program of National Research Foundation of Korea 
  5/1/2009 - 4/30/2012

Contact information

Deok-Sun Lee, Ph.D.

Department of Physics
Inha University
100 Inha-ro, Nam-gu
Incheon 22212, Korea

Office 5W267 
Lab 5W266B
Phone +82-32-860-8194
Fax +82-32-876-8077