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Greetings!  Throughout the last semester, these talented young writers have been honing their composition skills in my ENC 1145: Writing about Sports and Society class.  Whether it was thinking more in-depth about audience, understanding genre, contemplating sophisticated rhetorical strategies, exploring the affordances of multimodality, etc., these promising students were able to do it all while composing and conversing about what they love--sports!  On this website, you will find a collection of their best work.  No matter what sports you are interested in, In Harms' Way: FSU Sportscenter has you covered.

Can't get enough NFL football?  We've got you covered!  Check in with Andrew Cook, as he breaks down the decisions that have led to more than a decade of futility for the Detroit Lions.  If you want to debate about who the best quarterback in the NFL is, you'll probably find Patrick Corser's article quite intriguing.  Ever wonder about the differences between American football and Rugby, the sport that inspired it?  William Harms (the site's namesake) is on the case.  Is your team doing so horribly this year that your biggest concern is what draft pick they will receive?  Take a humorous break from your fan misery with Ryan O'Rourke as he tries to determine which NFL team will "win" the sweepstakes for the draft's #1 overall pick.  If you're fascinated by the NFL's "Young Guns," take time to examine the RG3 vs. Andrew Luck debate with Robert Pitton. 

If college football is more your speed, we've got you covered!  Take a journey with our own resident FSU football fanatic Joseph Clark as he examines FSU's switch from the 4-3 to the 3-4 defense.  Or, if you're more interested in the financial landscape of big-time college athletics, visit future CEO Matt Mullane's examination of the collegiate financial landscape as it relates to athletic departments--you might be surprised by what he found.

For all of you coaches out there, don't worry--we've got you covered, too!  Visit high school quarterbacks coach Kyle Faxlanger's page for an intricate coaching manual pertaining to the Triple Option offense.

Are you more of an America's pastime type of person?  We've got you covered.  Discover the influence of base running on the modern MLB landscape with our own Tampa Bay Rays fan Hunter Bowan.  Wanting to get in on the debate over whether the National League should adopt the designated hitter?  Purists and progressives alike will find Eli Cooper's article rather engaging.  Love statistical analysis?  Check out Marco Karay's musings on the benefits/drawbacks of taking pitches in baseball.

Golf enthusiast?  We've got you covered!  Read up on why, until rather recently, FSU Women's Golf Team superstar Lydia Gumm would not have even been able to play at one of America's most prestigious courses simply because of her gender.  You might also want to read up on how Tiger Woods' scandalous private life had a profound effect on his professional life as our own Ben Hurley breaks down the psychological factors and mental toughness required to play golf well.

Can't wait for Wimbledon?  We've got you covered!  Join Caleb Ward as he attempts to dissect the Nadal-Federer rivalry.

If you just can't get enough adrenaline, we've still got you covered!  "Shred" with Gustavo Ghavami as he gives you an inside look at the stigma that has plagued this sports since its humble beginnings.

Amped up for the 2014 World Cup?  We've got you covered!  Learn all there is to know about the 4-3-3 with Brant Dermody.  Plan on attending and worried about your safety?  Join Pat Meingast as he takes a critical look at violence, hooliganism, and "The Dark Side of Soccer."

Hockey fanatic?  We've got you covered.  Matthew Bovarnick is here to breakdown the 1-3-1 so that you can impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge.

And last, but certainly not least, if you love professional basketball, we've got you covered!  Be prepared to be either extraordinarily excited or waving your hands up in disgust as Kody Trespalacios tackles one of the most heated debates in all of sports--who is better: LeBron or Jordan?

As much as we love watching sports, we also love reading and writing about them as well (some more than others:).  This love affair and cultural obsession with sports is oftentimes difficult to explain, especially from a fan's perspective.  Why do we get so caught up in something beyond our control?  With only a one team or individual able to reach the ultimate goal of winning a championship in most professional sports leagues, why suffer the highly probable chance of heartbreak?  There are no easy answers to these questions, yet I believe I can propose a theory.  You see, in sports, just as with writing, we are always searching for that perfect conclusion, that "fairy tale" moment where everything comes together and, even if it is brief, we are overcome with no other emotion but joy.

2007 Fiesta Bowl

With the 2014 BCS National Championship game looming, we hope that the Florida State Seminoles can find that magical ending.  And here's to hoping that these students--throughout their lives--find their perfect conclusions, their "fairy tale" endings, whatever they may be.

-Bruce Bowles Jr., Editor-in-Chief