I currently work as a research engineer in the Logoscope project at the LiLPa laboratory at the University of Strasbourg.


The aim of the project is to observe and track the formation of new words in French online journal texts.

In June 2012 I finished my PhD with the Synalp team at the LORIA research center based in Nancy in France.

In my PhD thesis I explored ways of automatically acquiring large scale, Verbnet-like classifications of French verbs based on existing French and English lexical resources.

My advisors were Claire Gardent and Samuel Cruz-Lara.

I am also interested in other aspects of (computational) lexical semantics, as for eg. how ontological relations are expressed in texts (in English, French or other languages), how ontology elements should be best linked to lexical and linguistic information, more generally in lexical acquisition and synonymy.


My current employer is the University of Strasbourg.

During my PhD work I was employed by the INRIA to work on the SEMbySEM project.

Before that I also worked for the CNRS at the ATILF laboratory and the Université de Lorraine in Nancy.