Materials relevant for the development of Version 2.0 of the xAPI (TinCan) specification tend to be scattered through various mailing lists and on GitHub.

This site is my scratchpad to collect what I believe is worth keeping for further discussion. It is not intended to be itself a place for discussion. Therefore it may contain statements which I don't share but believe they are worth exploring.

The site is under permanent construction and does not claim to be representative or complete in any aspect.

OwnerDescriptionDue DateComplete
Ingo Comment on ADL Vocabulary paper March 7, 2015  
Ingo Arrange for European support March 28, 2015  
Ingo Publish HTML Template for Vocabularies July 1, 2015  
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  • Comment on ADL Vocabulary Document Completed It is here. Will link from list on Monday. May revise to take incoming comments into account.
    Posted Mar 6, 2015, 9:42 AM by Ingo Dahn
  • Current interests My current interests focus onRoadmap towards xAPI 2.0Use CasesVocabularies as a specific case of profilingThe telco on Feb. 25th signalled some agreement to set up ...
    Posted Mar 1, 2015, 5:21 AM by Ingo Dahn
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