I rely on Ellen's therapeutic massage therapy to keep my two jumpers healthy for competition. An added bonus is her accurate assessment of their current body condition to cue me as to whether I need to include chiropractice and/or accupuncture to keep them at their peak performance levels.
Ellen's massage has definitely added a measure of preventive soft tissue therapy that, for a small investment, has paid off in warding off layoffs due to injuries.
                                   Sherra Harrison, Show Jumping Competitor
Photo above: Sherra Showtime; photo below: Sherra and Dexter
"I highly recommend Ellen Reichle for her equine knowledge, rapport, and enthusiasm as well as an admirable commitment and work ethic."
                                 Pat Froman, Pennsylvania
"As an educator and trainer for the beauty industry for many years, I always search for people with [Ellen's] qualities.  A total work ethic is rare in this day and age.  It is with great pride that I refer your services to everyone I know.  You have always exceeded my expectations on a professional level, and as a friend."
                                   Geno Stampora, President, Creative
                                                     Cosulting, VA

 "Ellen understands the idea of hospice.  A volunteer with a heart of gold, she sat with one of our patients for 11 months.  As a massage therapist, she worked with a gentle touch that eased one man's pain and gave him a sense of calm.  I highly recommend Ellen for her dependability and sensitivity."
                                    Sue King, Volunteer Coordinator, Regency
                                    Hospice, Aiken, SC
I can always tell when Ellen has worked on my horses; they are happy and comfortable and ready to go to work.  She has an amazing ability to detect specific areas needing attention and her therapy leaves the horses feeling great--never sore.  I trust Ellen completely to work on my horses and appreciate her genuine concern for their well being.
                               Amy McElroy, "R" Dressage Judge , Trainer, Coach
Photo Above:  Amy with her and Mike Harrington's FEI horse, Swing King.

"As far as her qualities as a person, I can attest that Ellen is honest, conscientious, intelligent, organized, self-motivating, thorough, and indeed indefatigable.  In addition, it must be noted that Ellen's friendliness and pleasant manner have often proved invaluable in fostering good client relations."
                                K. Brendan Foster,

"As a healthcare provider, I have always believed in the power of touch.  When my husband was in hospice, Ellen's exceptional kindness, gentleness, and professionalism gave this private man relief from pain.  Words cannot express what healing Ellen brought to both of us.  I urge that massage therapy be part of any holistic hospice plan."
                                   Anne Bodner, PTA, BSA, Augusta, GA
"...Ellen Reichle is one of my favorite Veterinary Technicians here at Peterson and Smith.  Ellen is very dependable, easy to work with, and totally respected by all of her co-workers.  In the year that I have worked with Ellen, she has shown great knowledge, skill and superb performance with the horses as well as competence in the Surgical Department as a scrub nurse."
                                            Janis A. Massaro, Supervisor, Veterinary
                                            Technicians, Peterson & Smith Equine