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Having completed a detailed analysis (Beginning with the question: Who Was Marcion?) of the most likely content of Marcion's Gospel of the Lord (Mcg), including a verse-by-verse discussion (Marcion’s Gospel, Compared Verse by Verse With Luke), it is necessary to summarize the overall picture this gives us, not only as to the content of Mcg, but also the likely content of the copies of Lk on which both Tertullian and Epiphanius depended. However, it is worth beginning by putting this whole analysis in context:

Marcion's Gospel in 2013: What is the current position regarding investigations into the content of Mcg, and its relationship with the Gospel According to Luke?

Mcg up to Lk 5:13: What do Tertullian and Epiphanius tell us was in the early chapters of Mcg?

Epiphanius: Omissions After v. 5:13The 25 places where Mcg did not contain text that Epiphanius expected to see.

Epiphanius: Differences After v. 5:13: The 12 places where Mcg contained text different to that expected by Epiphanius.

Tertullian: Omissions and Differences: The 7 other places where Mcg contained text different to that expected by Tertullian.

Other Differences: 17 places where Tertullian quotes text in Mcg that he does not note as a difference, but is different to what we see in Lk.

Tertullian vs. Epiphanius: How much of Lk was not present in Mcg? The differences between what Tertullian and Epiphanius report.

To cut directly to the chase, see the Conclusions

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