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History of the Village Hall

In 1925 a wooden ex-Army hut was proudly erected on the village green in Ingham and became known as Ingham Village Hall. The hut continued to serve the village faithfully for 60 years.

As time went on, plans were discussed to replace the hut but sadly failed due to lack of finance. However, in 1982 a scheme was proposed to provide a brand new building and the opportunity was taken to combine the requirements for a new school hall with that for a new village hall. This was to be done as part of a Chance to Share Scheme between Ingham Primary School and the villages of Ingham and Cammeringham. In May 1985, after much hard work, the new hall opened its doors and the old hut was sold for £40, dismantled and removed from site.

Additions and improvements to the Hall have continued since and in January 2010 these initiatives culminated in the official opening of the new Community Room at a cost of some £100,000. The Hall complex is extremely well used by the school and the wider community.

The Main Hall and Community Room are each available for hire from Ingham & Cammeringham Village Hall Committee at all times outside the school day. In addition the Community Room is also available every Tuesday and Thursday within the normal school day thereby giving village access during the day in term time.

The Village Hall Committee is a registered charity whose members are trustees of the Charity. The Hall is managed by this Committee of volunteers representing the main users of the Hall and elected members of the public.