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First Time Wine Making?


Have you had an interest in wine making, but you don’t know where to start? You’ve heard that it’s fun to do and can save you lots of money, but you’re unsure? Will I get the same quality that I’m used to from store-bought wine? Just how much work is involved?  What if you and your friends don’t like the wine?

You may have tried wine making, even a few times,  but you’ve been a little bit disappointed with your experience.  Perhaps the quality of the wine fell short of your expectations and you felt there must be better.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


At Ingersoll Water & Wine, we’ll make sure you have a great wine making experience. When you visit us, you’ll be pleased by the clean, modern appearance of our store and the personal service that you receive. We will help you select wines that are right for you!  We will help keep track of your history and our recommendations are made based on what we truly feel is the best for you, not just what we have on sale or have lying around in the store.


At Ingersoll Water and Wine we will raise the standard of the wine making experience. We want you to enjoy premium-quality wine, made personally for you using advanced wine techniques and modern equipment. 


When you visit us you’ll find a bright, clean and modern facility with advanced bottling equipment. The corks and labels that we provide

with every wine are of the best quality and our labels can be easily removed. From sanitizing, to corking, to labelling your wine bottles, every step is simplified so that your task is quick and easy.

We offer you a simply superior wine making experience. Your Satisfaction Guarantee will start from the moment you bottle your wine, so you can be assured that we’ll always be there to take care of all your needs.


So if you want to have great quality wine, a fun experience, and enjoy great savings compared to buying store-bought wines. We’re here to help. Proudly serving Ingersoll and surrounding areas for 14 years and counting.
And we make it easy with our “Welcome Aboard” Package, which includes 30 bottles for just $10.00. That, with our already great prices, saves you an additional $22.60 per batch. Order three to build that cellar quickly.