Wine Making for Special Occasions

Your special celebration deserves personalized wine to make as unique as the occasion itself.



Not sure which wine you should serve with the meal at your wedding, or as a gift for the guests at your Christmas party

You can count on us to assist you with choosing the ideal wine and presentation. Whether you’re serving 60 people or 200, we will make it an easy and satisfying experience!



Just Ask yourself a few questions:

1.  Is there still enough time to start a wine that can be ready to serve on your special day? 

2.  Some wines mature earlier, while others benefit greatly from a few months of aging.

      What will you need?

3.  What food am I trying to pair the wines with, just what is being served?

4.  What type of custom labelling do I want, just what will my message be?

5.  How many people will be attending?

6.  Do I need a special events liquor license or am I giving the wine out as gifts?


We’ll take care of all the details.



The process is quick and easy: simply start your wine and come back to bottle. We’ll take special care of everything in between so you can remain worry-free. Weddings are costly so making your own wine is a great way to save money. You will receive top quality at a fraction of the price of commercially produced wine. The best part is our prices do NOT inflate when the word “wedding” is mentioned.


Bottling the wine can be an enjoyable experience in itself. A great way to involve your wedding party, family and friends; you can make your bottling appointment a fun and memorable event!  We have a terrific bottling room that doubles as an after-hour party room for some of your guests and friends.  Best of all, its FREE.  Simply for choosing us to help make your special day more memorable.  You bring in the food and we will provide the music, expertise, serving, and cleanup.


You want your wine to taste great, but you also want the bottle to match the occasion. You’ll love our selection of custom labelling, ranging fr
om the best Canadian
made laser-printed labels featuring your personal message. Choose from a selection of elegant wedding-themed labels that are customizable to include any text you desire, in a variety of fonts. Your wine will look as good as it tastes and will compliment your wedding day.
We’re happy that you’re considering personalized wine making for your special occasion and we would be honoured to help you make your day extra-special.   We have years of experience to offer, feel free to contact us with any questions to arrange a free consultation via phone# or email.
In the end though we make it easy, we have had the same Wedding Package Price for over  a decade and no-one has come close to providing the same degree of experience and quality of finished wine for that price. 
$130 gets you the complete package of 30 bottles of new Canadian bottles, custom labelling and any of our 4-week kits, white, red or fruit wine, it does not matter, and oh, yes, that includes tax.
You can also upgrade to a 10L (4-week kit) for only an additional $10.
Your wedding is one of the most significant events in your life..
It's a day you want to be absolutely perfect... and we can help.