We offer consistent quality, service and care and have the best guarantee in the industry.

All we ask is that you store your wine properly using these guidelines.

Proper Storage


Cool, Dark, Quiet”  --  the optimum conditions for storing wine.


When you get home, leave the wine standing for a few days to a week so it can degas and secure the cork. Then store the bottles on their side for proper aging.


A good storage area should be cool, with a consistent temperature of 53°F-59°F (12°C-16°C) and 75% - 95% humidity. It should be free from light, vibrations and chemical odours.


Don’t store your wine on or next to a fridge (vibrations) or in a closet without ventilation. Do not store in a garage or anywhere exposed to heat or direct sunlight, or outside overnight.

Wines are resilient, so do the best you can.


Fruit Wines: Store upright entire life of the wine, due to high fruit content “sugar”, in a very cool, dark place.




Although we use a 3-stage fermentation process, RO water, and low CO2 levels which result in our wines being

consumed even from day one, we do recommend aging for all our wines.


Wines get better with age, they soften, develop deeper flavours and the natural acidity begins to drop.  Even waiting a week can give the wine time to settle from bottling.


Try enjoying 10 bottles right away, 10 bottles at the 6 month mark, and 10 bottles at a year+.  This lets the wine develop allowing you to enjoy every subtle characteristic.


Fruit Wines, drink immediately to 6-12 months.


Whites, simple wines, 1-3 to 18-24+ months life.


Reds, complex wines, 6-12 to 30-36+ months life.





The act of pouring wine allows the flavours to blend and helps to dissipate anti-oxidants. This simple act allows a wine to breath and can simulate an additional month of aging. It is recommended for any wine under two years of age.