Personalized Labels

Ask us about our Personalized Labels . . .


 “Done on the Spot” 

  •  Standard Labels (30)                    $4.00, plus tax
  • Clear/Raised Labels (30)             $9.00, plus tax


Since our suppliers decision to remove all labels from their wine kits, Ingersoll Water & Wine has decided to offer personal labels at "our cost" to our customers. This is another demonstration of how we think outside the box, when it comes to customer services.

We offer a large selection of wine labels to choose from.  Come create your personalized labels to complete the professional presentation of your very own quality wines.  And best of all, we have the best price around. Other stores charge anywhere from $10-25 including set up fees for thirty custom labels, our price, $4 for standard, $9 for Clear/Raised labels.
These labels are slick, they peel off in one quick motion even an entire year later.
Personalized wine labels make a beautiful, unique gift or can be used to add a special touch to your private wine collection.
Check out our great selection: