Label Removal

There are more than a few ways to approach wine label removal. I've heard about people soaking, peeling, cutting, and steaming the labels off their wine bottles. I've even heard about people using a hair dryer to soften the glue.   Sometimes removing wine labels from bottles by soaking them in hot water, and using a single-edged razor blade is the best way.

Soak the empty bottles in a sink full of hot water. Add a "few" of drops of liquid detergent to the water. After about 20 minutes or so, many labels will either already be floating on top, or be quite ready to be lifted off the bottle. Some are a little tougher, and require longer soak times, sometimes hours.  Just walk away and watch your favourite movie while you wait.  When it's done you may have to get any residue off with a washcloth or scrubby sponge to finish.

If you still can’t get that stubborn label off then use “Goo-Gone” a great adhesive remover sold at Canadian Tire and most hardware stores.

Some labels are best removed by pouring hot water into the bottle and not getting the label wet at all. It uses heat from the bottle to unglue the label from underneath.

Another method that doesn't work every time but, depending on the adhesive used, works well. First, completely soak the label in water then place the bottle in the “freezer”. Once the label is frozen, it should pop off with gentle persuasion.

And finally, there is the blow dryer method using heat: Some of the new glues are unaffected by water, but will melt enough to slide the label off the bottle after toasting the label with a “blow-drier” for about 5 minutes. Try this if the soaking method doesn’t work and you don’t like using razor blades.

Wine labels have gone from water based treatment to put them on, to the new peel and
stick labels that are
great to put on and display, but don’t always come off the easiest. 
For the absolute best label, consider our new line of personalized labels that peel off in one swipe even one year later with a new patented glue base. Simply the best I have ever seen and one of the reasons we carry them.