European Select


European Select™ brings the exhilarating flavours and aromas of Europe’s distinguished vineyards to your glass. Made from premium imported grape concentrates, European Select™ has earned a loyal following with its consistent, outstanding quality and unique variety of styles. Complete with everything you need to create a wine of extraordinary character in as little as 28 days. European Select™ will be served proudly to friends and family and will be remembered for years to come.
Comparable Value: $10.00 per bottle.

White Wine


Red Wine



Chamblaise (Chablis)


A fresh, crisp dry wine from the Chardonnay grape. Complex flinty taste accents a delicate floral aroma.




One of the cherished Italian wines -- deep in colour, high in tannin, full bodied and robust with black fruit flavours. Includes premium oak.





Full of ripe fruit with an underlying hint of oak. A medium bodied wine with smooth flavours of ripe apple and followed by a crisp finish. Include premium oak.




A refreshing, lighter red wine with full fruit flavours of cherries and berries. Gamay is the featured grape. Enjoy young and slightly chilled.



Pinot Grigio


A majestically soft, dry white wine that is low in acid with slight peach flavours. Will not require aging.


Cabernet Sauvignon


This famous red wine is deep in colour with a bold tannic character. Full of berry and black currant flavours. Includes premium oak.



Sauvignon Blanc


A dry, medium bodied delicate wine which is growing in popularity. Smooth and full flavoured with subtle grassy, herbal aromas.




A well-known blend of the two of the most popular grape varieties in the world - rich, dry Cabernet and fruity, soft Merlot. Warm, full bodied, with a berry bouquet. Includes premium oak.





One of the most famous and popular Italian white wines, it is fresh, fragrant and well balanced. Should be consumed young and well chilled.




A classic wine traditionally from Tuscany. Fruity and well rounded. Includes elderberries.





This yellow-green grape produces a crisp and dry white wine with an elegant aroma and flavour. A classic Italian white wine that needs no aging.




Merlot produces a smooth red wine boasting flavours of blackberry and black currant. Includes premium oak.





Pinot Noir


An elegant, dry wine with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Rich in complexity with velvety flavours full of spices and fruit.





Sangiovese (Chianti Style)

A classic wine traditionally from Tuscany.  Fruity and well rounded. Includes elderberries, with just a hint of spice. Perfect for pizza or barbequed sausage.






Full, rich fruit flavours are in this ruby red Italian styled wine. Dry, and medium bodied. Includes premium oak.






Vieux Chateau du Roi

A robust, yet smooth full bodied wine with a bouquet of ripe berries and flavours of plum. This wine will age well. Includes elderberries.