Build Your Own Wine Cellar

     Cellaring Goals 

         To experience a variety of wines at a reasonable cost

         Be the envy of your neighbours and friends

         Or just have fun.


Determine how much wine you consume annually. Include your daily glasses with dinner, weekend dinner  parties, friends dropping by and gift giving.  Then use our rule of three.  Simply, enjoy 10 wines right away, 10 at six  months, and ten after 1 year.   It can be a daunting task to keep those wines aging, particularly since they taste so good just done. But rest, assured, treast it like an investment, proper cellaring can give a tremendous improvement in the taste and complexity of your wines.


Stash away as many bottles as you can and allow them to age. If you can put away 5 or 6 bottles from each batch for a year, you will quickly have a healthy stock of aged wine to drink. The trick  is to continually repeat this process.


Re-order in enough time for the wine to be ready (4-6 weeks) to bottle before you drink your last bottle.  For some this could mean starting a new batch every time you bottle in order to build up some momentum. This will help prevent you from dipping into your wine intended for aging.


You don’t need to drink an entire batch before you start another. Try to stay ahead of your needs by ordering up a batch or two every couple of months. That way you'll always have a variety of wine on hand for parties and gift giving. Don’t become unorganized and suffer from the “I keep meaning to get in” comment that you would say if you joined a gym as you look upon the one of two bottles that is what remains of your once proud collection. Stay ahead of the game and save money by letting us provide you an alternative to store bought pricier wines.


At the end of the day, just enjoy picking from the large variety of choices in wines that we have and expand your cellar by letting us help you pick some favourites.  Whether you are going for cooking with wine, food pairings, or just sipping wine at the end of a long day. Just have fun!


 Want to build a nice wine cellar, check out this great article published in "Winemaker" magazine.