Financial Means


You become a member of the EZE Sangha simply by practicing with us. Your participation is your membership, and you can participate as little or as much as fits your situation and disposition, hopefully to your heart's content.

Financial Support / Sponsorship

You do not need to be a member to offer financial support. It may be that you appreciate what we are doing and want to support our practice and events.

The objective or intention of your financial support is to give Ingen an income so that these events can continue to be offered freely and the EZE Sangha can grow. As events at Ingej-ji are offered by donation*, you are welcome to view your donations, impromptu and subscription, as contributions towards your participation in an Ingen-ji event.

*Participation in the Lughnasadh Retreat is different in that a fee is set, and this is because Ingen invites in outside teachers whose costs must be covered.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated by Ingen and everyone in the EZE Sangha. All online events are offered without fees and residential events at Ingen-ji are offered by donation, with suggested donations available for each event.

It is only through your generosity that these events can be made available to the wider Sangha.

If you are a member, that is practicing with EZE, or if you are not, you can support the offering of all EZE events. Financial Support is vital to these dharma offerings.

If you have the means and the desire to help out in a very big way, you may be interested in becoming an EZE Benefactor. (See the Benefactors' Page.)


You can make a one-time contribution in multiples of 5 or take out a membership subscription whereby you make regular contributions, either monthly or weekly. From as little as 3 per week you can support the Dharma offereings of EZE.

The subscription names reflect the level of support you are offering. The levels of supporting membership are: Ango (meaning Practice Period), Sesshin (meaning Gathering the Mind), ADZ (abbrv All Day Zen) and HDZ (abbrv Half-Day Zen). So you become an Impromptu Supporting Member, or an Ango Supporting Member or a Sesshin Supporting Member etc.

If you prefer, you can request EZE's IBAN and make your financial support through direct transfer.

Whatever type of support is good for you it is deeply appreciated by all those who participate in EZE events and on their behalf I express deep gratitude.



Payments are through STRIPE

Impromptu Support

Ango Supporting Membership

Monthly Subscription €100
Weekly Subscription €25

Sesshin Supporting Membership

Monthly Subscription €50
Weekly Subscription €12.50

ADZ Supporting Membership

Monthly Subscription €25
Weekly Subscription €6.50

HDZ Supporting Membership

Monthly Subscription €12 (or multiples of)
Weekly Subscription €3 (or multiples of)

Five Petals Supporting Membership

Monthly Subscription 5 (or multiples of)
Weekly Subscription 5 (or multiples of)