Shokuchi's Bio

Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan is an ordained Soto Zen priest, a yoga teacher, and most recently is

completing certification as a Health and Wellness Coach.

Shokuchi received priest ordination from Tenshin Reb Anderson in 2010 and trained for more

than a decade in residence at San Francisco Zen Center and from 2017-2020 served as Tanto

(Head of Practice) at Brooklyn Zen Center in Brooklyn, NY, where she currently lives.

Shokuchi’s yoga practice in the Iyengar tradition began at a Zen and Yoga retreat co-led by

Tenshin Reb Anderson and Donald Moyer at Green Gulch Farm in 1984, and was followed by

more than 8 years of study at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco with Judith Lasater,

and 25 years of study with Donald Moyer at The Yoga Room. She completed The Advanced

Studies Progam at The Yoga Room in 1992, and taught yoga widely throughout the SF Bay Area

for more than 20 years. She founded and taught at her own studio, Studio 610, in San

Francisco, and was a member of the faculty of The Advanced Studies Program at the Yoga


In 2002, Shokuchi was invited to co-lead a Zen and Yoga retreat at Tassajara, which she

continued to do annually until 2020. Her Zen partner for most of the retreats has been Ingen

Breen. She has also co-led Zen and Yoga retreats, “Releasing the Habit of Fear” as the Zen

teacher with Alexander Technique and Yoga teacher, Kristen Davis. Since the beginning of the

pandemic, she has continued to teach yoga and to co-lead Zen and Yoga retreats online.

During the pandemic closedown, Shokuchi completed an online program with ADAPT Health

and Wellness Coaching and is currently finishing her certification and preparing for the National

Board of Health and Wellness Coaches’ certification exam.