Angel Alfonso Cruz Roa

Reseach Seminar III 

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Medical Image Annotation using Bag of Features Representation


  • Thesis project [pdf]
  • Thesis table of contents [doc]
  • Research paper draft [pdf]
  • Research paper 2th draft [pdf]
  • Thesis Chapter I [pdf]
  • Updated Thesis table of contents [pdf]
  • Presentation of Research Paper [pdf]
  • Thesis Draft [pdf]
  • Reseach Paper (Final version) [pdf]
  • Poster published in Flickr [url][jpg]


4 Week Thesis project
First version of thesis project
4 Week Thesis table of contents
First draft of thesis table of contents
6 Week Paper draft First draft of research paper
8 Week Paper draft updated
Second draft of research paper
9 Week Thesis table of contents updated
Second version of table of contents
9 Week Thesis Chapter I First version of Thesis Chapter I
9 Week Presentation of Research Paper
Slides of Research Paper