We are 
committed to mentoring youth, sponsoring wholesome programs in our communities, advocating for patriotism, honor, and strong national security, and we continue to advocate and care for our fellow veterans.

Badger Boys State
  Each year Ingalls-Koeppen Post 102 sponsors at least two high-school Junior boys to attend Wisconsin's Boys State Program: "
Approximately 870 young men from every part of Wisconsin will come to Badger Boys State this June. Upon arrival at the Ripon College campus, they will be grouped into cities and counties which will form a “51st state.” For eight days, the citizens of this “new state” will carry out all the main functions of city, county, and state government using basic laws and fundamental procedures of the State of Wisconsin as their guide. The program is designed to teach its “citizens” that the American form of government is stronger and more vital in today’s world than ever before."

Bigfoot Ball and Glove
The Big Foot Ball-&-Glove program is a non-profit, community organization designed to promote youth baseball and softball within the Big Foot Union School District boundaries.  It is made up of a board of directors and an administrative committee of volunteers to help govern the organization."