Scratch or Tynker Programming

Scratch & Tynker are two excellent, very popular programming tools for all ages.  

Wanted: Future Programmers


Here is a link to a Gallery of programs created by 3rd graders:


Students used a program called “Scratch” to learn how to animate and make games!

How did students prepare?  View samples in the Project Gallery on a variety of subjects-created by other kids:


How to get involved?  Communicate your interest in creating an opportunity by talking to your teacher & Mrs. Wieczorek. Turn in a signed permission slip with a description telling what you hope to learn, what experience you may already have and how you may benefit from this opportunity.   


More information:

Why learn ScratchScratch TutorialsScience Scratch Gallery



Tynker is a new tool that is a replica of Scratch.

Since Tynker is linked to our Google Apps Accounts and is online, students can access and start Tynkering from home.  

For anyone interested to guide themselves through Tynker, see the directions below.

Have fun!

*Directions for access here* (This will be updated for Wales eventually)

Scratch ~ Programming

Scratch is a very popular programming software that is easy and fun for all ages.  

See the following for more information: (Why learn ScratchScratch TutorialsScience Scratch Gallery)

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Mar 3, 2011, 8:36 AM